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Lee County Schools moves to Plan C to begin 2020-2021 school year

Lee County Schools moves to Plan C to begin 2020-21 school year.

Lee County Schools moves to Plan C to begin 2020-2021 school year

SANFORD — During a special called meeting on July 30, the Lee County Board of Education approved a plan to begin the 2020-2021 school year under Plan C – Remote Learning Only.

The district will open with remote-only learning for all students in grades K-12 for a six-week period beginning August 17. All-remote learning will be required for students, with daily attendance and graded work. The district’s goal is to transition back to full in-person teaching and learning as soon as it is safe to do so. 

This decision to move from Plan B, a blended model of in-person and remote learning, was made based on the guidance the district has received from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the local health department.

Remote-only learning will be carried out across all grade levels. Students are expected to participate in virtual classes based on the guidelines set by each teacher. Remote learning expectations for instruction have been set for each grade level and can be found in Lee County Schools’ Remote Learning Plan (Section 3). Teachers will be remotely teaching from their classrooms and other appropriate locations, ensuring equity and fidelity for all students. Student attendance will be monitored and students will receive a report card at the end of the quarter. 

The Inspired Virtual Academy, the choice school for remote learning, is being placed on hold until the district moves into either Plan B or Plan A. During Plan C, students will continue with their home school and will be assigned to a classroom within that school. Students who signed up for the academy will remain on the enrollment list and will be given an opportunity to change their decision as the district moves into Plan B or Plan A.

The following timeline will be followed but is subject to change based on the current conditions within the county and the state. In like manner, the governor can at any time change the phase of reopening or closing for the state.

  • August 10 - Teachers and staff report to work
  • August 17 – 21 – Student orientation and laptop distribution for students. Schools will provide information to students and their families about the schedule for the week.
  • Before September 28 – A decision will be made to remain on Plan C or move to Plan B or Plan A, based upon state and local conditions and further guidance from the state.

To help ensure students can fully engage in remote learning, the district will provide laptops for those in grades 3-12 who do not have reliable access to a computer at home. Parents will be required to sign a laptop user contract and will be responsible for damages incurred during the school year. Parents must be present to pick-up a laptop for their child. Schools will contact parents with specific details regarding pick-ups which will be held during the week of August 17-21. 

The district will work with families who do not have reliable internet access at home. Wi-Fi hot spots are available in the parking lots of each school throughout the county. As needed, the district will provide Wi-Fi connectivity devices for students to use in their homes. Families will be contacted during the first week of school to gather connectivity information.

Although students will be engaged in remote learning in the short term, the district will continue refining the plan for welcoming back students into its buildings once it is safe to do so.