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Lee County Schools Remote Work For Staff

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Good afternoon,

As you can imagine, the last 48 hours have been fast-moving, and at times, the information we have received has been incomplete or has changed.

We have received a directive from the Governor’s Office and the Department of Public Instruction that requires the days missed under Executive Order 117 be labeled as Teacher Workdays – either as optional or required. We were further instructed to allow staff to work remotely whenever possible.

Obviously, some of our valued employees perform jobs that are critical to the educational environment and cannot be performed unless they are in the school building.

However, we recognize all of our employees can benefit from professional development. To that end, we are providing free resources to allow employees to fulfill the requirements of a staff workday while working remotely. These resources are meant to supplement any other school-related work you are performing. We have created a website containing links to a number of online trainings. Please look over these offerings and complete modules relevant to your area of expertise. There is also a form for you to use to keep track of your time spent on this training.

This online opportunity is considered an alternate duty to improve your professional practice and will be considered hours worked under your current obligation to the district. No one should exceed their regular number of hours on these trainings. This will allow you to continue to earn pay during this closure.

This is an uncertain and stressful time. Our top priority is your health and well-being. It is important that we work within the constraints we are given, while at the same time finding a way to help you balance work and family.

Please contact your principal or supervisor if you have questions or need technical help accessing this website. We will continue to stay in touch as new developments arise.

Stay well,