• Pi Day Celebrations (3/14/17): On Pi Day Ms. Cheatham’s Math 1 classes celebrated the irrational number pi and its many unique qualities.  Some activities included: a pi paper chain making contest, measuring circular objects to investigate the ratio of pi, learning about the history of pi, writing haikus, and of course, eating pie.  Students also had a contest to see who could memorize the most of the infinite digits of pi - first place was 146 digits (Tristian W), second place was 82 digits (Jose L), and third place was 58 digits (Jennifer H).

    Paper Chains    MeasuringPi


    Student Spotlight (1/27/17): LEC sophomore, Diamond Evans, was selected to receive the Boys and Girls Club of Central Carolina Youth of the Year award.  When told she was the recipient of this year’s award, Diamond kept saying she was so surprised.  She also deflected the spotlight to her fellow applicants, discussing how they were also deserving.  When asked how the Boys and Girls Club has helped her grow, Diamond shared how she feels that she gotten the opportunity to hone her public speaking skills, increase the effectiveness of her communication, and become more self aware.  Her advisor, Mrs. Foster, shared that “the choices Diamond makes every day, from how she manages her time to the colleges she explores, from the clubs she leads to the organizations she is active in, Diamond shows that she is willing to push herself to succeed.”  LEC looks forward to cheering Diamond on as she competes at the state level.



    Spirit Week (11/4/16): Students enjoyed dressing up and fostering school spirit during Spirit Week 2016.  Monday 10/31 imaginations ran wild on Costume Day, Tuesday 11/1 everyone looked cozy for Pajama Day, Wed 11/2 LEC looked sharp for Dress to Impress Day, Thurs 11/3 was a blast from the past for Decades Day, and Fri 11/4 everyone shared their Cobra Pride for School Spirit Day.

    costume pajama

    LEC Ranked #13 Standout School in NC by niche.com (11/18/16): Lee Early College received a top standout ranking as well as several other recognitions.  Visit niche.com to view the full report.
    Mrs. Testa Named Outstanding Secondary Math Teacher for Lee County (11/8/16):  Congratulations to Mrs. Testa!  She strives daily to help students see the relevance of math in their lives.  She will receive a one year membership to NCCTM, a personalized award, and recognition at the NCCTM Annual Conference.  


    AVID Family Fair (10/27/16): On Thursday, October 27th, freshmen and their families gathered in the CCCC gym for Family Night.  Freshmen students at LEC spent weeks in their AVID classes making an event that would be special for family members of all ages.  Students planned activities based on a concept from one of their classes, selected an appropriate target age group, and then created posters & activities to share.  Families walked to different table activities to learn how students learn at LEC.  Some tables included: trivia monster building, roller coasters to explore kinetic and potential energy, Barbie bungee jumping to discover linear regression, color chromatography to learn about water, and many, many more!  Freshman Selena Cuevas shared that the night “was a fun opportunity for students and family to connect.”  

    Cindy C. (below) helps younger visitors answer trivia questions to create a monster.



    Painting like Michelangelo (10/26/16):  Take a peek into Lisa Cunkelman’s World History class this week and you would see students lying under the tables - all in the name of learning, of course.  Students were experiencing firsthand how Michelangelo may have felt.  Ms. Cunkelman described the project as a way for students to synthesize “their knowledge of Renaissance culture, values, and artistic advancement to draw Renaissance inspired pictures.  They had to draw their pictures in conditions that simulated Michelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel to help build an appreciation for the effort that went into creating these masterpieces and develop an understanding of their value to history.”  The students ended the lesson with a discussion of the significance art plays in preserving history for future generations.  Student Jennifer Huynh shared that this project was a “creative way to demonstrate the struggles of what it was like to paint during the Renaissance.” 
    Freshman Michael S. (below) concentrates on his masterpiece. 
    michael history  
    Student Enjoy Activity Day with CCCC (10/19/16):  On Wednesday, October 19th, LEC students were able to join with students from CCCC to participate in Activity Day.  Held once a semester, this day allows students to take a break from classes, learn more about their campus, and have fun with their classmates.  In addition to receiving a free lunch from Ron’s Barn, students could create their own craft, see motorcycles from CC’s Motorcycle Mechanics Program, toss a frisbee in the courtyard, and play soccer in the gym.  

    Students of all grades rush to defend the ball for their team.


    Freshmen Brennan (left) and Faith (right) play frisbee in the sunshine.