• Ingram has been open since the fall of 1988.  Five principals have served the school since it has been open.  The first principal was Mr. Ned Thompson, his successor was Mrs. Terry Norris who retired at the end of the 2005 school year.  Frank Thompson became principal in 2006 and remained at Ingram for two years, Mr. Gary Moore, who came out of retirement in 2008, was principal until 2012.  Ms. Lisa Duffey, who was the assistant principal, became the principal in 2012 and is the current principal.

    J.R. Ingram, which is located in Sanford, North Carolina,  in the county of Lee, is in the heart of North Carolina.  The school is a one-story building constructed around two brick courtyards landscaped with flowering trees and plants. The design includes three focal areas: the entrance with a beautiful Palladium window, the media center, and the cafeteria. The building has many windows which add light and a sense of the outdoors. The floor plan is comprised of four classrooms within a grade-level “pod” with other special areas, such as a music room, art room, gym, classrooms for exceptional students, and a performing and viewing area. This modern facility certainly enhances the learning environment for all students, as well as for the staff.