Due to the high number of students waiting to be driven for the behind the wheel training, we will not have a class until the numbers have been significantly reduced. We apologize for the inconvenience. 



    LCHS Driver's Education Training



    Prepare for Knowledge and Drive Tests - California DMV

    Link to Learners Permit Information

    LLP LLP 2


    Driver Education Updates:  


    Class will meet in the LCHS Cafeteria.

    For students coming from outside our campus, please use the Drop Off zone at the front of the school.  We discourage off campus traffic from entering the student parking area until the parking lot has emptied by exiting students.

    Pick up may be in the Baseball Parking Lot next to the Cafeteria.  





    Behind the Wheel is operating for students in prior classes.  Teachers will be contacting students to schedule driving.  There is nothing that you need to sign up for regarding BTW.  The teachers have the names and will connect as they can schedule.



    Students who need DRIVER ELIGIBILITY CERTIFICATES, please follow the updated instructions as we are changing slightly due to the increased numbers being requested:


    1.  Call the Front Desk and request a DEC

    2.  Give the Front Desk full student name

    3.  Schedule a pick up at the front of the school with Front Office personnel.  Parents/ guardians must pick up DEC, and provide ID to personnel before certificate can be released.  You may want to schedule your DMV visit prior to requesting a DEC, as they are only valid for 30 days.




     Remember, you must be a registered High School Student to take this class at this time. 

    ****Middle school students will be eligible to begin taking the summer sessions as they will then be registered for 9th-grade classes in High School.


    Note:  The Registration Form is only activated when class is in open registration.  The button disappears when the class is full.





  • *Please sign up using the Registration Form Link located on the left.  A confirmation message will appear after you click the SUBMIT button.  You will also receive a reminder the weekend before the class begins.


    You MUST live in the Lee County High School attendance zone, or attend Lee Early College to register for this course. This applies to Home Schooled, and students attending Private Schools in the county.  Southern Lee offers courses on a similar time frame, and also registers students based on their attendance zones.  In addition, students must be a registered High School student to be registered for Driver Education Courses at LCHS. 


    General Basic Scheduling Information:  
    (Note that changes can occur and will be discussed by the Driver Education Instructor.) 
    1.  Regular school year classes begin at 3:15 and end at 6:15. All classes begin in the Cafeteria. Classes run for three weeks unless otherwise specified Summer classes begin at 8:00 am and end at 12:00 noon or begin at 12:00 noon and end at 4:oo pm.  Summer classes run for three weeks.
    2.  Dates and times are subject to alterations as needed once the class is in session at the Instructor's/School discretion.
    3.  Students complete 30 hours of classroom instruction.  Once students have successfully completed the classroom portion, the student will be eligible to complete 6 hours of Behind The Wheel training. This training is scheduled by the instructor in the weeks following the classroom portion.  Scheduling for the BTW is quite flexible and is arranged with the instructor.  BTW can be scheduled after school, on weekends, and holidays.
    4.  You will not receive another confirmation message other than the message on screen once the submission button has been activated.
     5.  Reasons for non-admittance MAY include living out of attendance zone, current disciplinary suspension, not meeting age requirement, or class seat limitations. Students are provided many opportunities through our campus announcement system of relevant information.
    6.  Please be advised that the Graduated Licensing Law has been modified and the changes came into effect January 1, 2012.  Below is the link to the new legislation. 
    7.  There is no cost associated with taking this class.
    8.  Parents are encouraged to attend the final 30 minutes of class to meet the instructor and ask  questions.