What is a Learning Center?

    "Individual children or small groups work and play cooperatively or alone on projects/prompts that they have selected themselves or are guided by the teacher.  Materials and activities are concrete, real, and relevant to the children's lives."  (NAEYC, 2022)

    Why Centers?

    • allows students to work in various groups
    • encourages active learning
    • allows students to make decisions
    • allows students to organize and manage time
    • develops responsibility
    • develops cooperation and team work
    • allows for individual and small group work
    • provides opportunities to integrate curriculum
    • builds self-esteem
    • provides opportunities to practice and apply skills
    • provides opportunities to problem solve and use critical thinking skills


    Establishing a Parent-Teacher Relationship  communication notebook

    We would like to keep the lines of communication open all year long.  We can do this with face to face conferences, phone calls, parent/teacher communication notebooks, daily folders, e-mail, ClassDojo, and/or this website.


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    This will be a fun-filled and exciting year for your child. One of the most important keys to a successful school year is communication between home and school. We hope this site and ClassDojo will help keep you informed. Feel free to contact us if you have questions or concerns.


    Dr. Bursey


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