• My name is Beverly Marshburn.  This is my 28th year teaching.  I am certified to teach Math and Science in grades 6-9. I graduated from Campbell University in Buies Creek, North Carolina with an Associate in General Education degree and a Bachelor of Science degree.  
    Please feel free to contact me at (919)-708-7227 ext 1541 between the hours of 8:30-9:25
    This year we will be studying the following areas:
    Measurement, Scientific Method, Lab Safety
    Atmosphere and Weather
    Speed and Motion
    Kinetic and Potential Energy
    Cells, Cell Structure, Cell Functions, Human Body System and Functions
    Genetics, Reproduction, Disorders
    I look forward to having a wonderful year!
    Core 1             9:30-10:30
    Core 2             10:35-11:35
    Electives          11:40-12:55
    Core 3             1:35-2:35
    Core 4             2:40-3:40
    Use this link to meet with Guidance:  https://forms.gle/LbSH5UGkxjWFDg48A