• Contact Information
    Brandy Parker
    School Number: 919-774-3772
    Email: bparker.ingram@lee.k12.nc.us
    Class Schedule
    -7:30-7:50: POD (Mrs. Parker's Room or Mrs. Houston's Room/We rotate each week.)
    -7:50-8:20: Morning Duties (unpack, lunch count, morning work)
    -8:20-9:30: Reading Whole Group Time (9:10-9:20/Bathroom Break)
    -9:30-10:30: Differentiated Reading and Math Groups/Workstations
    -10:40-11:15: Lunch (10:30-10:40/Bathroom Break)
    -11:20-12:20: Math (11:35-11:45/Bathroom Break)
    -12:20-1:05: Specials
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       Hi, my name is Brandy Parker. I am not a Lee County native. I am originally from Richmond County, which is an hour south of Sanford. I am in my eleventh year of teaching. I began my teaching career in first grade. I taught first grade for six years. When my family relocated to Sanford in 2008, I was hired at JR Ingram as a second grade teacher. I taught second grade for three years. Two years ago, I moved to kindergarten. I truly love all the grades I have taught thus far. Each grade has its own specialness!
       To give you a little family background, I have been married to my high school sweetheart for 10 years! We have two beautiful children. My son is 8 years old, and he is in the 3rd grade here at JR Ingram. My daughter is 2 years old, and goes to a wonderful daycare in our county.
        I believe that ALL children can learn! We, as parents and educators, have to find the best way/ways that our children do learn. I also feel that it is QUALITY that counts in education,  not always quantity!
    Thanks for reading my welcome page!
    Take Care