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    Lee County Schools currently uses Canvas as its learning management system.  What is Canvas?  Canvas is a very simple and straightforward teaching and learning tool for students and teachers that keeps parents connected to daily classroom activities.  Students will use Canvas on a daily basis to receive homework from teachers, submit completed assignments, take tests and quizzes, participate in classroom discussions, have access to a calendar which lists all current and upcoming assignments, tests and quizzes, ability to message teachers quickly, and much more!  As a parent, you will be able to see graded assignments/quizzes/tests, access the calendar listing upcoming assignments, quizzes and tests, and have the ability to message teachers quickly.  


    (Please note that PowerSchool is our official Student Information System and that final grades that appear in Canvas may not reflect the official grade which is recorded in PowerSchool.  In regards to grades, parents should only use Canvas to see individual assignment/task grades and teacher comments.  To access your student’s official PowerSchool grades, please stop by the front office and complete a Parent/Legal Guardian Portal Request Form.)

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    Parents - Stay connected to your child's classroom with the Canvas Parent Account!

    • Canvas Parent enhances the potential for parents to engage in their children's education. Parents can review upcoming or past assignments, check on grades, and receive alerts for student activity.
    • Canvas Parent can be used by any Canvas user with an observer account.
    • Canvas Parent can be accessed from any browser using the Desktop Login
    • Parents can use the Canvas Parent app on Android devices using Android 5.0 or later and iOS devices using iOS 10.0 or later.


    Canvas Parent Accounts Can be Created on Desktop computers or Parents Can Download the Canvas Parent App from the Apple Apps Store for IOS devices and from Google Play for Android devices.


    To create an account from your desktop use this link: https://leek12.instructure.com/login/canvas  and click the Parent of a Canvas User option.  You will need to obtain your student's pairing code prior to setting up your account.  (See directions below)

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     Download Links are Below

    Apple App Store

    Google Play

    After installing the App follow these steps to set up your Parent Observer Role and connect to your student's Canvas Courses:

    Step 1 - Have your student sign into their Lee County Schools Canvas account.  (This is where you will obtain your Pairing Code.)

    Step 2 - From the global navigation of Canvas, select ACCOUNT and then choose SETTINGS.

    steps 1 and 2

    Step 3 - Select Pair with Observer from the sidebar of the settings page. 

    step 3

    Step 4 - Copy or share the pairing code generated.  This is needed to link a parent (observer) to the student. 

    step 4

    Step 5 - Open the app and tap Find My School

    step 5

    Step 6 - Enter Lee County Schools (NC) - Parents

    step 6

    This should take you to the Log In to Canvas (instructure.com)  login page. You will now need to create your account.


    Step 7 - Click the Create Account link.

    step 7

    Step 8 - Click Start Participating

    step 8

    You are now connected!




     Click HERE to learn more about the Canvas Parent App!