• With a mindset of talent development, SanLee Middle School seeks to recognize potential in all student populations.  Recognizing that gifted behaviors may be evident in a student’s aptitude, academic performance, motivation or social interactions, SanLee Middle School is committed to providing an academic, intellectual and social/emotional support system so that students may reach their full potential by matching service with the students’ identified abilities. In partnership with parents and the community, SanLee Middle School will identify, develop and serve gifted potential in students.

    AIG Program Goals

    • Identify academically and intellectually gifted students equitably across subgroups in order to provide appropriately differentiated learning opportunities.  Develop gifted potential in students.
    • Differentiate and enrich the core curriculum to challenge advanced learners in their identified area(s) of strength as part of an overall educational program that supports excellence for all students.

    • Provide information regarding opportunities to earn licensure in gifted education so that teachers responsible for teaching gifted students acquire and develop an appropriate base of knowledge and methodology in gifted education.

    • Set high expectations for academically and intellectually gifted students and support their attainment of knowledge, skills, and work habits to promote their becoming lifelong learners and productive members of society.

    • Provide appropriate counseling and support services to assure gifted students’ social and emotional well-being is addressed.

    • Provide opportunities for gifted students to spend appropriate time with other students who are similar to themselves in order to foster cognitive, academic, and social growth.

    • Provide additional support to develop “gifted behaviors” in students who may not be maximizing their abilities or who may be under-represented in gifted populations.

    • Provide young students (K-3) with access to an appropriately stimulating and challenging education to shape their learning habits and challenge and develop their abilities.

    • Use an identification procedure with multiple criteria to appraise studentsneed for differentiated service(s). 

    Contact Information:

    Tina Harrington

    AIG Lead Contact Teacher

    SanLee Middle School



    Dillon Crockett

    AIG Coordinator for Secondary Schools

    Lee County Schools