Dr. Emmanuel Boakye


    Drafting and Design Engineering

    Technology Education & Industrial Trades

     Dr. Emmanuel Boakye previously taught at Durham Community College for more than a decade as a Professor of Architectural Technology, later a couple of years at Wake Technical Community College, currently with Guilford Technical Community College and Cape Fear Community College.  Dr. Boakye joined the Lee County School System CTE Department as a drafting/engineering instructor in 2016.  He loves his culture and is very passionate about student success and as a world traveler very well exposed to global architecture and design. 


    Engineering Academy

    Academy of Engineering

    My objectives at the Drafting Engineering Academy at Lee County School are to help the students to develop proficiency regarding design and drafting with CAD software and professionalism. Students are encouraged and motivated to get AutoDesk and Solid works certifications to boost their credentials. 


    Fall 2022-23 Schedule

    1st Block - Drafting I-Honors

    2nd Block – Drafting 1- Honors

    3rd Block -  Drafting I Honors

    4th Block – Planning


     Spring 2022-23 Schedule 

    1st Block- Drafting III Engineering Honors

    2nd Block- Drafting II Engineering Honors

    3rd Block- Drafting II- Engineering Honors

    4th Block- Planning


    "Great design is a multi-layered relationship between human life and its environment." - Naoto Fukasaw

    The Shard Building City of London

                 The Shard Building By Renzo Piano (City of London)

    Manchester City Center, UK

     The Manchester United Kingdom

    The Work of Sir Norman Foster

    The work of Sir Norman Foster-London UK 




    Contact Information


    Email: eboakye.sl@lee.k12.nc.us

    Phone (919) 718-2400 Ext. 2113


      Boakye's Gallery

    I have had the privilege of travelling to great cities in the world: Africa, Europe, Asia, North and South America. Our built environment was designed and constructed by the work of generations manual or with technology. It's extremely imperative that we appreciate our environment by paying great attention to the intriguing creativity of mankind.

    The subject Design and Drafting plays a very important role in global civilization. The awesome products of our time at a point is or was initiated by conceptual designs, the evolution of 2 and 3 Dimensional illustrations, 3D prototypes before it's generated into reality.  

    3-D View of Proposed School of Design By Boakye

    3D View of Proposed School of Design Exhibition Center

    by E. Boakye

    Elevation Views

    Elevation Views


    The Beauty of Design Cities

    Buckingham Palace London

    Buckingham Palace London



    Charles De Gaulle

     Charles De Gaulle Airport


    Flag Star House

    Flag Star House

    Accra Ghana



    Accra Central

    Accra Ghana 

    Achimota Mall Accra

    Achimota Mall Accra Ghana