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Dana Orr

Welcome to East Lee Middle School! My name is Dana Orr. I am the Media Assistant for East Lee Middle School. 

As the schools media assistant, I work on promoting literacy, research skills, and technology expertise among students. Some of the things you might see me doing throughout the day are:
1. Managing the school library and media center:  Selecting and curating the materials that fit the academic needs of the students, organizing a classification and cataloguing system and maintaining an online system for the search of information resources.
2. Helping students with research and information projects: Helping students develop research skills, find relevant sources of information, and learn how to evaluate sources for quality and relevance.
3. Library and Media Services: Offering digital and print media resources and services to support the academic curriculum, including access to online databases, eBooks, audiobooks, and other multimedia materials that promote academic excellence.
4. Teach digital literacy and technology skill: Conducting digital literacy workshops for students and teachers, facilitate technology integration in the classroom, and provide technical assistance for various technological tools used in the school.
5. Collaboration with teachers: Work hand in hand with teachers to develop lesson plans and offer assistance in research and media services.

The best way to reach me is by email at To reach me by phone please call 919 776 8441 Ext. 1311

"I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of a Library."

— Jorge Luis Borges