• Welcome, in this page you can find information about me and my job at  Deep River Elementary. 
     When I look at my students and see the spark in their eyes telling me that they understand a concept, I feel that my work really matters. I take their satisfaction as my own accomplishment. I think that in education, some work has been done but also that there is a lot to do and that the welfare of the children in our community should always be a priority. Every single child should be given the opportunity to learn. We, as teachers, need to have the patience to find out how each student’s brain functions and provide time for maturation respecting the way every child develops. Children need a safe, organized and demanding environment in which they are expected to comply with their given work based on their own abilities and their own stage in the learning process. We need to research, discuss, agree, disagree and act to help our students succeed and show us many more sparks!
    Jorge E. Zuluaga
    E-mail: jzuluaga.dr@lee.k12.nc.us
    Phone 919 7762722