• Dance Team

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      Dance Team performances include Pep Rallies and other school functions.  Practices are Thursday afternoons after school at Kelly's School of Dance.  Timeliness, attendance, and a superior attitude are required.  Dances are always upbeat and current. Kelly's School of Dance hosts a week-long camp for the team at the beginning of each school year.  There is a cost for the uniforms. 


      When you are on your high school dance team, it is important to remember the valuable role you have in your school. Keep in mind that you are a spirit leader. Just as cheerleaders promote school spirit with cheers, you promote school spirit with dance. By being on the dance team, you are a representing your school so you should always portray a positive image for you and our high school.


      Managing your time between family, school, dance team, and other activities can be difficult, but school should always come before dance. Dancers will need to prioritize and put their best foot forward in the classroom.