• To ensure students remain on track with assignments and curriculum being taught in schools, the district will begin to offer afternoon and evening virtual office hours starting on Monday, August 30 for grades K-12. This assistance is available for all students - whether they have been absent from classes or just need a little extra help.

    Certified teachers within the district will be available virtually to students at various times from 3:00-8:00pm throughout the week to answer questions, review curriculum and support students and parents. 

    A schedule of office hours can be found here

    The Lee County Schools' email address assigned to each student must be used to access office hour links and participate in these sessions.

    Horarios de ayuda por escuela y grado
    Les recordamos que seguimos ofreciendo horarios de oficina a los y las estudiantes que deban faltar a la escuela o necesiten apoyo académico. Durante esas horas, maestros y profesores calificados responden preguntas, repasan temas y brindan apoyo a estudiantes y padres de forma virtual.

    Haz clic en este enlace para informarte y ver los horarios en que maestros y profesores de Lee County Schools te pueden brindar ayuda virtual con temas y trabajos escolares.