• My son Scott and granddaughter Leianna                       Mrs.Morton

    Hello and welcome to our webpage!    

    My name is Dr. Catherine Lange and this is me with my son Scott and my granddaughter Leianna! Mrs.Morton and her dog Negan! 

    I live in Buffalo, New York and teach remotely.  

    Mrs. Morton is in room 1038 with the students at Lee County High School. 


    I considerate it an honor and a pleasure to be part of the faculty at Lee County High School and am a retired science teacher who was missing students and doing what I love- teaching science!   


    Mrs. Morton and I spend a great deal of time coordinating the lessons, activities and labs that we bring to the classroom.   I believe that if we can create lessons that reach alll learners through as many differnt approaches as possible including but not limited to;  writing & drawing, visual interactions, hands on activities and reading and listening.  It through the repetition and variety of methods that students learn.   

    We follow the North Carolina Earth/Enviromental state standards which can be found at Earth/Environmental standards.

    Daily Schedule  

    BLOCK 1                                    Earth/Environmental Science

    BLOCK 2                                    Earth/Environmental Science

    BLOCK 3                                    Earth/Environmental Science 

    BLOCK 4                                    Planning 






    Class Policies and Procedures

    1. SCHOOL POLICIES     Students are expected to follow all school policies concerning attendance, dress code, tardiness, and proper behavior. Please refer to the student handbook for additional details. 


    • Be on time and enter the class quietly.  Be prepared for class and ready to work when the bell rings. 
    • Respect yourself, your classmates and your teachers. 
    • Do your own work unless directed to work with a partner or a group. Classwork that is blatantly copied will be collected immediately and subject to a loss of points.  Students that do not complete classwork without reason will receive a zero.  Cheating on a test is considered academic misconduct. 
    • CELL PHONES-  students will place their cell phones in the assigned pouches that are secure behind Mrs. Morton's desk.  Do not touch anyone's cell phone but your own.  Mrs. Moeton will give the go ahead when the cell phones are to be returned- when all classwork is completed.  
    • Always sit in assignmed seats. Remain in seats until dismissed by Mrs.Morton or given the okay to get up for a valid reason. 
    • Restroom passes will be given. Frequent use of the pass or extended time out of the classroom will be considered abuse of the priviledge and the absurer punished. 
    • Clean up after yourself.  Trash goes in the trash can and not on the floor. Any group/individual that leaves a mess behind will lose points on the lab or activity. 
    • Be mature, serious, and focused during group/lab work or classwork.  Immature, silly, or dangerous behavior behavior cannot be tolerated for your own safety or the safety and well being of others. 
    • Do not touch anything that does not belong to you and do not bother any student in the class. 

    Consequenees:   1. We will issue a warning    2. We will move your seat    3. We will deduct class work points or not allow you to make up work   4. We will call your parent/guardian      3. We will write a referral 

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