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    Greetings to All!


    My name is Mr. Wayne Bruton and I am teaching grades 6-8  in Social Studies and Science in the exceptional children setting.  This will be my second year at Sanlee Middle School (GO STALLIONS!!). 

    I have worked in the exceptional children's setting since 2011 where I worked as a teacher's assistant at Greenwood Elementary (Go Hornetts!!) while attending college at East Carolina University (Go Pirates!!).  I have taught at East Lee Middle School in Lee County and at Highland Middle School in Harnett County.   

    Something that my students and parents have learned about me is that I care for each and every one of my students.  Everyone is important in my classroom.  I believe in a friendly, fair, and exciting classroom learning environment.

    You will also find that I have a crazy sense of humor and will probably make you laugh at some point during class on a daily basis. 

    Teaching is my second profession.  I am a former Office Operations Manager and Technical Manager for a Cable Company and Internet Service Provider.  I also worked as a steak and seafood cook when I was a teenager.  I can still cook and am pretty good around a computer. 

    Why the change to teaching?

    Well, I knew you would probably come around to asking why I decided to devote my life to teaching.  The answer is both simple and complicated.

    When my son was a teenage driver, he was involved in a motor vehicle accident and I almost lost him.  It was a battle for his life and I am thankful that our Faith in God brought him through.  As a result of the accident, he has what is called a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).  Since this occured before the age of 21, he falls in the area of developmental disability.  We have had a lot of challenges since his accident and he became part of the reason that I decided to be a teacher. 

    A couple of years later, I met my wife who worked for the Governor Morehead North Carolina School for the Blind.  She worked with students who were blind and could not see.  (Visual Impairment.)  It is also fair to point out that she is also blind.  My wife has been blind since birth due to a condition called Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) where due to an excessive amount of oxygen administered at birth (she was pre-mature), her retina became detached and she became blind.  I was so amazed at the things she could do without ever having sight that we later became engaged and then married.  She now works for the Harnett County School System as a teacher for the Visually Impaired.  She was my other inspiraton for becoming a teacher.

    In addition to having a son, my wife and I have a 9 year old daughter who attends Highland Elementary in Harnett County and has been taking classes in a dual-emersion class that teaches Spanish and English since Kindergarten.  I am looking forward to her one day being a Stallion at Sanlee Middle. 

    I have attached a slide show to my profile so that you could get to know me a little as well as my family.  The pictures mainly come from a family vacation that we were blessed to have the Summer of 2021.  You will find that I like silly poses as well as meaningful backgrounds.  Fun and Educational... the way I like it! 

    I hope everyone has had a "FUNTASTIC" Summer break?   Be prepared to talk about the things that you did or would like to have done during your Summer Vacation.  I always enjoy hearing about my student's adventures.



    Mr. Wayne Bruton





    My likes:

    I like Batman stuff, Pirate stuff, Native American things, and Cultural art from many cultures.


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