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     During the COVID-19 pandemic, Lee County Schools has strived to improve safety and reduce risk wherever possible. One safety measure is minimizing cash and check payments at our schools. To accomplish this, we use SchoolCash Online for all school items and activity fees. If you haven’t already created a free account, we encourage everyone to register now so you’ll be ready to make online payments from home: both now and in the future as more school items become available again.

     SchoolCash Online is free, safe, simple, secure, and saves time. You will help increase efficiency and security at your school by making payments directly into your school's bank account. This limits the number of people entering the school, reduces risk of lost payments, and allows teachers and office staff to focus on helping students and not counting cash. In addition, you are automatically informed about school activities!

     Registering takes less than two minutes: visit https://lee.schoolcashonline.com/ and click Register.

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