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  • Purpose of Advisory

    The Bragg Street Academy Advisory program promotes meaningful relationships between staff and students while providing academic support to students.  Through daily meetings with their advisor, students experience a more personalized learning environment with a structure and set of practices for monitoring and encouraging academic progress and career/college readiness.  Each student, along with his/her counselor and advisor, develops an individualized student success plan to map out his/her educational path and set academic and personal goals.  

    Roles and Responsibilities of the Advisor

    • Act as coach and advocate
    • Encourage advisees to participate in the life of BSA
    • Encourage advisees to achieve their academic potential
    • Obtain answers to students' academic and extra-curricular questions
    • Facilitate discussion of relevant topics
    • Discuss current issues in students' lives
    • Help students problem-solve current concerns or issues
    • Help students guide other students through problems

    Roles and Responsibilities of the Advisee

    • Actively engage and participate in Advisory group activities
    • Cultivate and promote a healthy and safe school climate for all students and staff
    • Develop, pursue, and achieve academic and personal goals
    • Access advisors to obtain answers to academic and extra-curricular needs
    • Help the Advisory group solve current issues and concerns