• BSA offers all students a chance to receive points. Points are given out to students that are respectful, responsible, diligent, and leaders. Teachers are allowed t ogive these points out each day to students that have completed assignments, particpate and show respectfulness during class. 

    The points go towards the "case" in the multicenter room. This case is filled with all kinds of items for purchase from students. Items range from pencils to thermos water bottles. There is candy as well as notebooks. There is something in the case for each student! 



    Three Tiered Instructional/Intervention ModelGuide to Tiered Instruction and Intervention (full guide) is a guide to the processes, procedures, tools, supports and best practices for building and maintaining a healthy tiered system of instruction and intervention for Lee County Schools. This guide is a living document and will be regularly updated with new information and supports to best serve our learners, families, instructors, instructional leaders and teams.