College Visit Calendar

Colleges for Cavaliers

  • This is a great way to get to know more about colleges you haven't heard as much about, so please feel free to sign up for any of them! All are between 2nd and 3rd blocks, and they will be held via Google Meet. These visits are open to all grade levels!
    The colleges visiting so far are:
    • UNC- Asheville
    • NC Central University
    • Meredith College
    • UNC-Charlotte
    • East Carolina University
    • NC State University
    • Appalachian State University


    Added Sep 28:
    • Duke- 10/7- 11 am
    • UNC-Chapel Hill- 10/12- 11:30 am
    • NC A&T- 10/21 11:30 am
    • UNC-Wilmington- 10/21 11:30 am
    Register for as many as you're interested in by filling out this short Google Form:
    And let me know if there are any colleges you want me to reach out to to organize a visit!
    Ms. Beroset

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    Southern Lee High School
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