• CEU Tracker/UID Number Lookup

    The CEU Tracker/UID Number Lookup allows current employees to access continuing education and/or demographic information and employee UID number information. (Please note that until the UID number is issued by DPI, a "UID Not Available" message will appear on the form."

    • This is a secure site and will only work from a Lee County Schools networked computer. This site is NOT accessible from home. This site requires Internet Explorer 6.0 service pack 1 or better, and will not work on MacIntosh computers.
    • At the "choose a digital certificate", click OK
    • At the Security Alert window, click Continue to this web site


    Requirements for renewing your license:

    Renewing Professional Educator License

    For more information, visit the NC Department of Public Instruction's Licensure section.

    If an employee finds that CEU credits are missing, he/she should submit formal documentation with a copy of the prior approval to the Curriculum & Instruction department. Do not submit Schoollink certificates. Please allow 30 days after submitting outside credits or 30 days from final closeout of workshops on Schoollink to report any discrepancies.

    If you identify an error, or simply have a question regarding this information, you may email or call the Human Resources Department at 919-774-6226, ext. 1260.