• Welcome to Sports Medicine Here at LCHS!!

    Currently we offer Sports Medicine 1 and 2 here at Lee County. 

    Sports Medicine I is a survey course designed to explore the field of sports medicine, risk management, anatomy of bones, muscles and the profession of Athletic Training.

    Sports Medicine II is a secondary course that dives deeper into pathology of sports injuries, management skills and musculoskeletal conditions. 

    Course Goals/Objectives:

    This course expands on Healthful Living and infuses clinical application of medical skills and health literacy. At the end of this course students will be able to:

    • Communicate the job responsibilities of an ATC including legal, ethical, and confidentiality implications.
    • Demonstrate knowledge of basic directional/range of motion terminology
    • Identify and name bones of the body
    • Be able to prevent the spread of bloodborne pathogens through the appropriate use of personal protective equipment
    • Demonstrate proper usage of RICE principles in basic injury management
    • Demonstrate and explain proper warm-up procedures in order to prevent injury
    • Have enhanced character skills of communication, responsibility and time management through the successful completion of after-school athletic commitments
    • Assessing specific injuries to Musculoskeletal conditions
    • Preventing injuries to upper and lower extremities
    • Management of on and off field injury evaluations