• Welcome to Sports Medicine Here at LCHS!!

    Currently we offer Sports Medicine 1 and 2 here at Lee County. 

    Sports Medicine I is a survey course designed to explore the field of sports medicine, risk management, anatomy of bones, muscles and the profession of Athletic Training.

    Sports Medicine II is a secondary course that dives deeper into pathology of sports injuries, management skills and musculoskeletal conditions. 

    In addition to my class, I love to have open discussions, journals, and critical thinking scenarios that can relate to the real world. As a teacher I want to be able to assist in anything dealing with continuing education, resumes, communication skills and enjoying the journey we call life! I will always relate the class to athletics but also stressing the importance of personal health. If we can learn to understand our bodies in our high school years, we can be able to live a healthy lifestyle for the future. For my athletes in class I want to stress the importance of maintaining hydration, flexibility, and mobility to be a step above their competition. 

    I teach because there is more to life than learning a subject in school. Knowing that everything we do is connected in life. You will attend school K-12, and hopefully continue your education to college or a trade in another 4 years. During and after those years you’re going to be an adult that needs to apply all that you’ve learned from parents, mentors, bosses, coaches, teachers and even strangers. Everything you learn today and previously learned will be a reflection of who you will become in the future!