Hours to enroll at SLMS: 7:30 am- 3:30 pm M-F

    Please reserve 30 minutes to an hour to register your child. 

    Newcomers and those who have moved to a new school attendance area in Lee County should bring the following items when registering a child:

    • A certified copy of the child’s birth certificate, which can be obtained from the county or state health department where the child was born, or other satisfactory evidence of date of birth.
    • Two proofs of residence one such proof from category (A) and one such proof from category (B).

      (A) One (1) such proof must be a signed lease agreement affidavit of an oral lease agreement, deed, or closing statement , (with a closing date within 45 days) in the name of the parent/legal guardian(s).

      (B) The other proof of residence may include one of the following in the name of the parent/legal guardian(s) with address and a current date:

      • Utility bill for the residence (electric, water, gas)
      • Property tax bill
      • Home visit by Lee County Schools' social worker
    • Immunization records.
    • If coming from another school system, a copy of the child's latest report card and the previous year's achievement test results are helpful.
    • Please call the school to make an appointment to register your child. While not required, this can save you a lot of time.

    Below you will find the enrollment form that will need to be completed. There are several other necessary forms that will need to be obtained from the school.