Dear 2 nd Grader,

    Hello and welcome to Second Grade! My name is Mrs. Bitere and I am going to be your teacher this year. I feel so lucky to have you in my class! I have been enjoying this summer with my family and my three children. We visited fun places and spent time with our friends. I have I’ve also been very busy getting the classroom ready for the school year and I can’t wait to meet you! I hope that you are having a fantastic summer, too, and that you are just as excited to start the new school year as I am! I want our classroom to be a place where we will discover many interesting things, do amazing projects, and build our confidence as we grow as readers, writers, mathematicians and more. Most of all, I want this to be a place you CAN’T WAIT to get to each day! Do you know about all the tools the computer has to help us publish stories, letters, posters and more? Have you discovered surprising things in science experiments? Have you built things with math supplies? Have you been pulled into a book or connected with a story so much you felt like the author really KNEW you? Well…you WILL in 2nd grade! Together, we will all learn and teach each other, too! When you arrive at our classroom on the first day of school, we will be sharing some things that are special to us so we can all get to know each other. It would be wonderful if you could bring something from home that reminds you of something you have done or a trip that you have taken. You can bring a photo, a T-shirt, a souvenir, a favorite book...something that is important to you and that you don’t mind telling a story about. I will be bringing something too, but it is a surprise – you might even laugh when you see it! I can’t wait to meet you and start a wonderful school year together with our Second Grade family!


    Love, Mrs. Bitere