• East Lee Administration Team
    Robert Newby, Principal 2022
    Robert Newby, Principal
    919-776-8441 ext. 1354
    Gina Guerrero Administration Tab 2022
    Gina Guerrero, Assistant Principal
    919-776-8441 ext. 1367
    Kacheckia Dewitt Administration 2022


    Kacheckia Dewitt, Assistant Principal
    919-776-8441 ext. 1362

    Lakeisha McNeill 2022


    Lakeisha McNeil, Academic Coach
    919-776-8441 ext.1339


    Anton Wilson Administration Tab 2022


    Anton Wilson, Dean of Students


    The goal of the East Lee Administration Team is to create an atmosphere for honest, open, two-way communication between the school and the community.
    The East Lee Administration Team serves students, parents, teachers, and other members of the community, in a timely and accurate mannor.

    The East Lee Administration Team is responsible for keeping the community informed and involved in our school. As a result, the East Lee Administration Team:

    • Serves as a point of contact for parents and the community when they are seeking information or wanting to share a suggestion or concern.
    • Works with schools to promote the positive accomplishments of students and teachers.
    • Builds business and community support for Lee County Schools.