•  Lee County High School Bus Routes 2019-20


    Bus 12 – will serve Oddfellow Street, Walden Street, Fields Drive, James Street, Church Street, Crestview Street, S. Vance Street, Booker Street and Washington Avenue. This bus also serves a B.T. Bullock Elementary bus route.

    Bus 15 – will serve Pebblebrook Drive, N. Franklin Drive, Pebblebrook Drive,  Lemmond Drive, Wilkins Drive, Lord Ashley Drive, McLeod Drive, Creekside Drive, Royal Pines Drive, Carrington Lane, Grassmere Court,  Knollwood Drive, Plantation Drive, Westgate Drive, Stoneybrook Drive, Carbonton Road, Brookfield Circle,  Creek Trail, Radius Circle, Tomberlin Road, Bristol Way, Petty Road, Buckingham Drive, Eveton Lane, Jasany Drive, Paul Street, Valley Road, Arlington Circle, Botany Woods Drive, Charwood Place, Nixon Drive, Cool Springs Road, Glenwood Drive, Smokey Path and Cromarty Avenue.

    Bus 22– will serve Cox Mill Road, Frank Wicker Road, Commerce Drive, NC 87 Hwy and Oakcrest Drive.     

    Bus 31 – will serve Nash Street,  Rice Road, Thomas Road, Poplar Springs Church Road, Woodland Trails Road, Broadway Road, Thornwood and Oquinn Road.

    Bus 38 – will serve Bennett Street, Beachwood Drive, Olde Towne Drive, Charleston Drive, Amos Bridges Road, Seth Drive, Wade Drive, S. Third Street, Chatham Street, Austin Street, S. Eighth Street, E. Rose Street, Charlotte Avenue and Clearwater Drive.

    Bus 47 – will serve Cross Street, N. Gulf Street, Bracken Street, Saunders Street, Brinn Drive, N. Vance Street, S.Weatherspoon Street, W. Chisholm Street, Green Street, Price Street, N. Horner Boulevard, S. Steele Street, Oddfellow Street and S. Moore Street.  This bus also serves a  J. Glenn Edwards Elementary bus route.

    Bus 50 – will serve Colon Road, Womack Road, Farrell Road, Zion Church Road, Doe Run, Rod Sullivan Road, Deep River Road, Osgood Road, Hawkins Avenue, Charles Riddle Road, Friendship Drive and  Peachtree Drive.

    Bus 55 – will serve Vernon Street, Bragg Street, Mansfield Drive, Swanns Station Road, Dixie Farm Road, Sabre Drive, John Rosser Road, Cox Mill Road, Cox Maddox Road, Ray Avenue, Goldsboro Avenue, Whip-Poor-Will Lane, Oriole Circle and Barnes Street. This bus also serves a Broadway Elementary bus route.

    Bus 71 – will serve Wicker Street, Whitford Street, Fitts Street, Carr Street, Lee Avenue, Woodbridge and Lochmere. This bus also serves a W. B. Wicker Elementary bus route.

    Bus 76 – will serve Hawkins Avenue, Olde Towne Drive, Cotten Road, Cumnock Road, McNeill Road, Green Valley, Piedmont Drive, Woody Hill Lane, Burns Drive, Forrest Drive, Tucks Court, Crusaders Drive, Robin Hood Lane, Longwood Avenue, Fairview Lane, Bickett Road, Hill Avenue, Poplar Street and Lawrence Street.

    Bus 87 – will serve Scott Avenue, San Lee Drive, Register Street, Matthews Street, S. Fifth Street, Oakwood Avenue, Maple Avenue, Hickory Avenue, Goldsboro Avenue and Riddle Road. This bus also serves a Broadway Elementary bus route.

    Bus 100 – will serve Oakwood Avenue, S. Seventh Street, North Avenue, Temple Avenue, Linden Avenue, E. Chisholm Street , Greensboro Avenue, Lawrence Street, E. Weatherspoon Avenue, Stroud Street, Cross Street, Bracken Street and N. Steele Street. This bus also serves a J. Glenn Edwards Elementary bus route.

    Bus 176 – will serve Amherst Road, S. Seventh Street, Oakwood Avenue, McIver Street, S. Third Street, Maple Avenue, Hickory Avenue, S. Fourth Street, Midland Avenue, Charlotte Avenue, S. Fifth Street, N. Eighth Street, N. Sixth Street and N. Fourth Street. This bus also serves a J. Glenn Edwards Elementary bus route.

    Bus 188 – will serve Kelly Drive, Buchanan Farm Road, Charlotte Avenue, Poplar Springs Church Road, Lower River Road, Cletus Hall Road, E. Forest Oaks Drive, Lower Moncure Road, Valley View Drive, Post Office Road, Lick Creek Road, Oakwood Avenue, Grimm Street, Dalrymple Street, Jones Street, Buchanan Street and Watson Avenue.

    Bus 189 – will serve Broadway Road,  Longstreet Road, Avents Ferry Road, Buckhorn Road, E. Harrington Avenue, Doyle Cox Road, Bradley Road, Milton Avenue, McLeod Avenue, Sion Kelly Road, First Street, Stevens Drive, Dalrymple Farm Road, Edgewater Drive, Burgess Circle, N. Main Street, W. Harrington Avenue, Third Street, Dalrymple Road, S. Main Street and Watson Lake Drive.

    Bus 198 – will serve Mt. Pisgah Church Road, Carr Creek, Cox Maddox Road, June Road, Meade Street, S.Seawell Street, Watson Avenue and Pine Village. This bus also serves a Broadway Elementary bus route.