• Biology  Welcome to Biology Class

    -The biology curriculum is designed to continue student investigations and deepen student understanding of the biological sciences. 

    -High school instruction should include concepts introduced in grades K – 8 at a more abstract level. 

    -We will  begin with a consideration of the living condition and discussion of the unique properties of living organisms that set life apart from the non-living. It continues with molecular and cellular biology, from which it moves logically into reproduction and genetics. An understanding of genetics gives meaning to organized variation, evolution and methods of scientific classification units dealing with microbiology and plant and animal phylum.

    -This course is designed for the college-bound student. Students should expect a demanding daily homework load as well as projects, quizzes, tests, and laboratory write-ups.

    -A high level of understanding in problem solving and the scientific methods is necessary for success in this course.

    The “North Carolina Essential Standards for Biology” is closely followed in this course.  The Essential Standards can be accessed on the internet at: