• Welcome to Mrs. Cauthen's AIG Class 

    The AIG program of Lee County is set to develop a mindset of talent development. All students in Kindergarten through 3rd grade are nurtured through our PETS program.  Classroom teachers and the AIG Specialist make observations during the first few months of school to recommend students in Kindergarten through 3rd grades to receive further nurturing in a small group setting. Students displaying characteristics such as;

    • learns easily
    • shows advanced skills
    • displays curiosity and creativity
    • shows advanced reasoning & problem solving
    • displays leadership
    • shows social perceptiveness
    • and other higher-order thinking skills

    Students in 4th and 5th grade that are identified in the academic areas of reading, math, and/or intellectually gifted will receive services via pull-outs with the AIG Specialist. Services identified students will receive will incorporate enrichment, extensions of the material taught in the regular classroom, STEAM activities and real-world problems. Inquiry-based, open-ended problems, problems creating in-depth discussions, as well as providing lessons in regards to social and emotional needs will also be provided for these learners.