• Welcome to our Digital Learning While at Home page - This gives you directions.

    Lee County Schools has developed a website called LCS Curriculum Boosters.  This site provides instruction and activities in various content areas in grades PreK-12 and is designed to support classroom instruction. All activities are designed to provide review or expand upon learning opportunities previously taught by classroom teachers. These materials are meant to deepen a child's understanding and prepare them for a return to traditional learning. 
    Here is the website link: http://bit.ly/LCSCurriculumBoosters

    Please go to your child's google account (email) and accept the invitation to become part of our "Google Classroom."  I hope this will develop into a teaching classroom where we can continue our learning even though we are apart!  I miss seeing everyone.   classroom.google.com  

    To login go to gmail and sign in. 

    The username is:  firstname lastname@lee.k12.nc.us (ex. susanbrown@lee.k12.nc.us)

    password:  the number they use to login to AR and also their lunch number     

     English - Directions for Students Access to Google Classroom

     Spanish - Directions to Student Google Classroom Spanish Version