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    Contact Information:

    Email: ahackett.ls@lee.k12.nc.us

    Phone: 919-776-7541 ext. 2612

    Course Expectations 

    The most successful students are those who take responsibility for their own progress. It is imperative to develop good habits, such as promptly doing homework, preparing for class, taking notes, and reviewing notes daily. Students are expected to master the objectives in the North Carolina Standard Course of Study for high school mathematics. 

    If you are unable to attend a class or need assistance, please let me know via e-mail (ahackett.ls@lee.k12.nc.us).  You are responsible for completing the assignments by the due date.


    What I expect of my students:
    1) Be ready for and attend as many structured class meetings as possible.
    2) Respect others and yourself with words and behaviors.
    3) Maintain a positive attitude and be open to growing and learning.
    4) Do your best.
    5) Let me know if you have any questions.
    6) Do your own work


    Late Work Policy: Assignments may be turned in three days late after the due date without penalty. An assignment that is turned in after that will not be accepted. 

    Quizzes will be given frequently throughout each chapter. Quizzes will consist of problems that outline the section and reflect homework and/or vocabulary.

    Tests will be given covering each chapter. Tests will be announced, so please pay attention!  A unit test grade will replace any quiz grade in the same unit that
    was lower. 

    Classwork will be assigned during class with the expectation that it is due by the end of class. If a student does not finish an assignment in class they may take it home to finish it. The assignment will be due the following class period or it will be considered late. 

    Homework will be given on a regular basis. Homework allows the student to practice new material so that they can ask questions the following day. Every problem should be attempted. Students will be allowed to ask questions before the day’s lesson begins. Students should be prepared because grades for these assignments will be taken at random.





    Grade Calculations

    Major Assignments- 40%

    Minor Assignments-60%

    Semester Grade-40%

    Final Exam-20%.