School Leadership Plan

  • School Leadership Plan
    East Lee Middle School’s leadership team supports the vision of East Lee Middle School. Our vision is to provide opportunities for growth through academics and relationships to build success. In this Community of Learners, we are dedicated to building achievement and sustaining success. All communications and activities are directed towards helping one another learn and improve. We listen, contribute, learn and grow from every interaction. We speak to and treat one another with respect.

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    School Improvement Plan

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     ELMS 2022-2023 Leadership Team 
    6th Grade Chair     John Pier
    7th Grade Chair    Brittany Gilbert
    8th Grade Chair    Karen Voelz
    Electives    Teri Spivey  
    ELA Department Chair    Yvette Batten 
    Math Department    Guadalupe Trabold
    Science Department     Tori Helwig / Christa Thompson
    Social Studies Department      Lauren Heffner
    Counselor    Joehami Leon   
    Counselor    Victoria Dietrich
    AVID    Morgan Graham
    EC     Vickie Isley 
    Athletic Director    Nick Melillo
    Principal    Robert Newby
    Assistant Principal    Gina Guerrero  
    Assistant Principal    Kacheckia Dewitt
    Dean of Students    Anton Wilson
    Instructional Coach    LaKeisha McNeil
    Parent Representative    Takesha Everett