School Leadership Plan

  • School Leadership Plan
    East Lee Middle School’s leadership team supports the vision of East Lee Middle School. Our vision is to provide opportunities for growth through academics and relationships to build success. In this Community of Learners, we are dedicated to building achievement and sustaining success. All communications and activities are directed towards helping one another learn and improve. We listen, contribute, learn and grow from every interaction. We speak to and treat one another with respect.

    NC Star 2020

    School Improvement Plan

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    School Leadership Team Members
    Dr. Sharron Williams
    Misty Mowrey
    Dante Binotto
    David Blackmon
    Mallory Koch
    Amy Bunce
    Gina Guerrero
    Vickie Isley
    Joehami Leon
    Tamika Swain
    Nick Melillo
    Lord Dr. John Pier
    Robert Davis
    Annika Squires
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