Your child will have a weekly behavior/information sheet in their folder each week. Here you will find important information as well as homework assignments.  Your child will have homework most nights Monday- Thursday nights.  Your child will receive a  smiley face, straight face, or sad face for their behavior each day.  Parents are required to sign each night.
    Grading Scale
    Letter grades will be given for Language Arts and Math 
    90 - 100 = A
    80 - 89 = B
    70 - 79 = C
    60 - 69 = D
    59 and below =F
    S N U
    Given for Science Social Studies Handwriting Written Expression and Conduct
    Mrs. Beal and Mrs. Baker
    Mrs. Beal and Mrs. Baker
    Mrs. Beal's
    Contact Information
    Telephone:  919-718-0170