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    Lee County High School

    Serving Our School & Students with Fidelity:

    a. the quality or state of being faithful

    b. accuracy in details; exactness

    In Lesson Planning:

    Teachers will utilize collaborative PLT processes and concepts during instructional planning.

    There will be evidence of best practices – literacy across the curriculum, student grouping for

    Collaboration, 21st Century skills and content – embedded in instructional plans.

    Instructional plans will have a greater focus on the application of knowledge through higher-

    order & critical thinking skills.

    In Instructional Presentation:

    Teachers will have essential learning objectives posted

    Essential objectives will be introduced and reviewed with students daily.

    Students and teachers will be engaged in the instruction at all times.

    In Data-Based Decision Making:

    All assessment data will be collected, entered and shared in a timely manner (grade book updated weekly)

    Staff will consistently use formative data to guide PLT planning and instructional lesson plans.

    Staff will have an understanding and expertise of “knowing” where each student is academically and what he or she needs to do to make successful progress.

    Interventions are based on all achievement data that is available and that is constantly updated and monitored.

    In Daily Procedures & Protocols:

    Staff will follow, teach and demonstrate school wide procedures and will set the tone for positive and expected behaviors with our students.

    Staff will fulfill and take responsibility for all assigned non-instructional duties.

    In Communication with Staff, Students and their Families:

    Staff will reinforce for all students the Growth Mindset-that all students can be academically successful with consistent, hard work.

    Staff will communicate positively in all communication.

    Teachers will maintain updated course electronic sites at all times. (weekly updates)