• Dongjian Shang

    Computer & Network Engineering Instructor 



    Mr. Shang is a teacher of Network Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Introduction of Trade and Industrial Education at Lee County High School. He received a teaching scholarship to attend North Carolina State University where he completed his B.S. in Technology, Engineering, and Design Education. His teaching specialties include technical graphics, Network Engineering, and Digital Media.



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    Fall 2020 "Plan C" Schedule

    • Students will attend virtual meeting via Google Meet. All instruction will occur via the online classroom platform, Canvas. Parents are invited to create their own Canvas account to observe their students' classes. (Learn more information about the Canvas Parent app here: https://www.lee.k12.nc.us/Domain/2829)


    1st Block 8:30-9:30 CISCO Network Engineering I

    2nd Block 9:45-10:45 Planning

                     11:30-12:30 Office Hours 

    3rd Block 12:30-1:30  CompTIA IT Fundamentals

    4th Block 1:45-2:45  CompTIA IT Fundamentals

                       2:45-3:15 Office Hours  



    Spring 2021 Schedule

    1st Block -  Computer Engineering Technology I

    2nd Block - CompTIA IT Fundamentals

    3rd Block -  Planning

    4th Block -  CompTIA IT Fundamentals


    Contact Information

    E-mail:  dshang.ls@lee.k12.nc.us

    Phone: 919 776-7541  X  2549

    Classroom: Industrial Technology Building, Room 1745