Yaricelis Rivera Rosa

      World Languages Department



    Hola! I am Ms. Rivera Rosa, I  graduated from the University of Puerto Rico in 2008 and taught previously at East Lee Middle School.  I joined the Lee County High School World Languages department on 2016 and teach Spanish I, Spanish II, Spanish for Native Speakers II Honors.  When I was growing up I saw all the passion and dedication my teachers had, including my mom. They were such a big influence in my life. I experienced how teachers can change a student's life. I want  to  inspire students to follow their dreams  and enjoy life. 

    I am  excited to be teaching my native language and look forward to the opportunity of enriching students knowledge about other cultures.



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    Fall Schedule

    1st Block - Spanish II

    2nd Block - Spanish II

    3rd Block -  Planning Period 

    4th Block -  Spanish For Native Speakers II Honos

    Spring Schedule  

    1st Block - Spanish II

    2nd Block - Spanish II 

    3rd Block - Prep Hour 

    4th Block - Spanish for Native Speakers II Honors 

    Contact Information

    E-mail:  yrosa.ls@lee.k12.nc.us

    Phone:  919-776-7541 Ext 2595

    Class webpage : Canvas login

    Classroom:  Core Curriculum Building, Room# 2204