Student Attendance and Attendance Make-Up Policies
    2021-2022 School Year 


    To receive credit for any course, high school students must attend a class for a minimum of 82 of 90 school days per semester.  Students who miss more than 8 days in any class may not receive course credit for that class. (partial credit is not given)  Absences, including excused, unexcused, and out-of-school suspensions, in excess of 8 per class will result in loss of academic credit for that class unless the excessive absences are made up in SLHS Administratively Approved After School Program.

    Student class attendance is mandatory.  Absences and tardies will be documented by your teachers and excessive tardiness and absences will have to be made up at Saturday School during the semester in which the classes are missed.  

    Refer to the SLHS 2021-2022 Student Handbook for additional details concerning our school-wide student attendance policies.  

    The updated SLHS 2021-2022 Saturday School Attendance Makeup Program and schedule, will be made available and posted on this webpage in early September after district policies are finalized.