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    PhET - Free interactive math and science simulations. PhET sims are based on extensive education research and engage students through an intuitive, game-like environment where students learn through exploration and discovery.

    GeoGuessr - Free, online game that asks players to guess the locations of Google Street View images. Players are shown an image and must drop a pin to guess the location. Players earn points for each guess; the closer a guess to the real location, the more points it's worth. After each guess, players can see how close they got to guessing each picture's location, and at the end of a game players can see a map of all their guesses along with their point totals. They can challenge friends by sharing their games and totals to see who got higher scores.

    TimeMaps - TimeMaps provides users an interactive map of the world that changes to show the development of different parts of the world as the timeline is adjusted.

     Newsela - Newsela builds reading comprehension by delivering relevant, daily articles from trusted news sources at the reading level that’s just right for you. It is effective, engaging, and easy to use.

     PBS Learning Media - Great teacher resource offering standards aligned content and productivity tools including videos, games and PBS programs.

    Google Apps for Education - Provides a library of digital tools to support the four C's - Collaboration - Communication - Critical thinking - Creativity.  

    Clip Converter -  A free and easy online media conversion application, which allows you to record, convert and download nearly any audio or video URL to common formats

    Go Formative - Allows you to create online tests and view student progress in real time.  All standard test types available but also allows for drawing and photo upload answers.

    Quizizz  -  Quizizz is a fun multiplayer classroom activity, that allows all your students to practice together.

    Very easy to use!

    1. Select one of the public quizzes or create your own.
    2. Click “Play” to generate your unique game code.
    3. Ask your students to open join.quizizz.com and enter the game code.
    4. See students joining on the live dashboard, and launch when ready.
    5. The game begins!
    6. Track live progress of your class on your dashboard.

    Answer Garden  -  Plant a question and watch it grow! This is a very easy to use poll creator that can be linked through class websites, blogs, wikis or any other online application. Simply type in a short question then copy the link to your site. All responses show up in the answer box below the question in a word cloud type of format. AnswerGardens can be customized to allow unlimited responses and a password. Although anyone with the link can answer a question, polls can be edited by the owner if any unwanted content is added. So watch carefully!

     Quick Rubric -  Create and print assessment rubrics. Teachers can customize point values, definitions of good performance, rows and columns, then print the rubrics for distribution. The site also offers tips for writing a strong rubric.

    Socrative -  Socrative engages students with customized quizzes and educational games, but its most useful feature is the real time data it provides on student comprehension of material, which allows for instant feedback. It also lets students answer questions anonymously so they feel more comfortable asking for clarification when they don’t understand.

     Khan Academy -  The #1 go-to resource for teachers and students around the world!


    Channel One News   -  In addition to providing a daily newscast throughout the school year, Channel One News offers a number of supplementary resources for teachers to help promote current events and media literacy in the classroom. Daily newscast and associated teaching resources are aligned to state standards. Whether you’re looking for relevant videos that put real-world events in context, or embarking on the flipped classroom movement, Channel One News is all about authentic learning. 

    Tenmarks -  An online math program for students to practice math concepts that align with common core standards.  It is an excellent supplementary tool that allows teachers to assign different problem sets to individual students or groups based on student's skill level.  


    Videos and hints assist students who have difficulty. A comprehensive reporting system provides instant feedback to teachers on class and individual student progress.


    TED-Ed-  Offers dozens of educational videos and lesson plans on a variety of topics.  A great resource for ALL teachers!

    High School Ace - A collection of free online academic resources for teens. It features interactive quiz games focused on English, Math, History, and Science facts.

    PenPal Schools - Allows students to correspond directly with students from different countries. Teachers choose from an assortment of topics categorized as “World Explorer,” “World News” and “Decision 2016”.  All topics are standards-aligned and teachers are able to review and grade students' work. Click Here to Learn More

    LitCharts  -  More than 200 great works of literature come to life with interactive data visualizations tracking themes, symbols and plots in a story. 

    Chronas - A chronological and cartographical history application.  Travel back in time and learn how the world's history is interconnected.  Learn More Here!

    COMMONLIT -  Offers teachers free texts (poems, news stories, historical documents, etc...) which are linked to popular discussion themes (friendship, love, greed, etc...)  

    Math is Fun!  -  Extensive network of math resources.  Includes sample problems, games and guides to different areas of math.

     Gooru - Provides an extensive collection of videos, interactive displays, documents, diagrams and quizzes for math and science.

    Quizalize -  Make quiz taking fun!  Generate your own quizzes or select one from the Quizalize Marketplace. You can track student progress with instant assessments for personalized learning.  Quizalize Introduction Video  

    Online Rubric -  A great Google Sheets Add-on for teachers to create and send customizable rubrics and scores to students by email for any assignment.  Use Online Rubric for any assignment, including presentations, performance, and participation grades, and send grades to your students without the hassle and waste of paper and copiers.  Click here to see a short tutorial.

    Flocabulary - An online library of educational hip-hop songs and videos that engage and inspire students. Offers teachers supplemental resources and lessons that align with common core standards. Great resource for all subjects and the free version is great! Click Here to Learn More about Flocabulary

     Block Posters -  Print posters, segment by segment, on normal-sized paper.Upload an image, choose the size, cut it into printable pieces and make yourself a do-it-yourself decoration.

    EDpuzzle - Neat tool that allows you to add your voice and text questions to educational videos. You can search for educational videos and or upload your own to use as the basis of your lesson. It also has an online classroom component that you can use to assign videos to students and track their progress through your video lessons.  Click here to watch a short video tutorial 

    Join Me - Instant screen sharing and video conferencing.  This service allows you to remotely view someones desktop that they are sharing over the web.  Click here to watch a brief tutorial

    Kahoot -  Create a fun learning game in minutes!  Add videos, images and diagrams to your questions to amplify engagement!  Kahoot Video Tutorial

    MediaCore Capture -  Offers students and teachers full desktop screen recording and webcam recording functionality. 

    Remind -  A free, safe and simple way for teachers to communicate with students and parents.  Send updates, questions, and more on any device -- students and parents can receive notifications by text message, on the app, on the web and by email. Remind Video Tutorial

    Tab Resize - A great Google Chrome extension that makes Split Screen easy!  Resize your current tab and tabs to the right into layouts on separate windows.  Demo Video

    QR Code Generator - Create you own QR codes for free!