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    Silver Chapter of Distinction
    SkillsUSA – Trade and Industrial Education

    Advisors –  Quinlan Henry, Anderson Frye, Tony Martin, Jamie Henry, Chris Garner


    Mission:  SkillsUSA empowers its members to become world-class workers and responsible American citizens.

    SkillsUSA is an applied method of instruction for preparing America’s high performance workers enrolled in public career and technical programs. It provides quality education experiences for students in leadership, teamwork, citizenship and character development. It builds and reinforces self-confidence, work attitudes and communications skills. It emphasizes total quality at work—high ethical standards, superior work skills, life-long education, and pride in the dignity of work. SkillsUSA also promotes understanding of the free-enterprise system and involvement in community service.www.skillsusa.org




    Twenty-nine LCHS SkillsUSA members along with advisors Tony Martin, Anderson Frye, Chris Garner, Jamie Henry, and myself traveled to FTCC to compete in the 2020 SkillsUSA South Central Regional Conference. Out of the 29 attendees I can proudly say that 26 of them performed well enough to make the stage and receive a medal. Harleigh Austin and Katelyn Scheller both helped lead the event as South Central Regional Officers and did an outstanding job on stage. We are very proud of all of the competitors and they are all champions in our eyes. We are also excited to say that all of these competitors are eligible to compete at states in April. The brick/block laying portions of the masonry contests were held here on campus on Wednesday of this week as well and Mr. Garner worked hard to make this event go off without a hitch. The list of accolades is below. 


    Urquilla, Timothy 1st Additive Manufacturing
    Spitler, Carter 1st Additive Manufacturing
    Chandler, Taylor 1st Chapter Display
    Clark, Holly 1st Chapter Display
    Spartz, Sarah 1st Chapter Display
    Nunnery, Morrissa 1st Commercial Baking
    Primo, Brian 1st Information Technology Services
    Griffin, Malina 1st Robotics: Urban Search & Rescue
    Roethlisberger, Charlotte 1st Robotics: Urban Search & Rescue
    Velasquez Noyola, Carlos 2nd Automotive I
    Noyola-Luviano, Diego 2nd Automotive Service Technology
    Alvarez Gama, Josue 2nd Mobile Robotics
    De Lira, Brian 2nd Mobile Robotics & 2nd Skills Project Showcase Engineering
    Smith, William 2nd Pin Design
    Norwood, Caleb 2nd Robotics: Urban Search & Rescue
    Wakefield, Ethan 2nd Robotics: Urban Search & Rescue
    Lino, De'Angelo 2nd Skills Project Showcase Engineering
    Nicolas, Patricia 3rd Masonry 1
    Shelton, Josephine 3rd Masonry
    Scheller, Katelyn 3rd Prepared Speech
    Crowder, Christopher 4th Automotive Service Technology
    Tran, Stephanie 4th Masonry I
    Hernandez Velasquez, Kennedy 5th Automotive 1
    Austin, Harleigh 5th Automotive Tool ID
    Pickard, David 5th Masonry
    Gross, Kassidy 5th Skills Project Showcase Carpentry


    Katherine Myers 1st Masonry Bulletin Board


    Skills regionals 2020



    The LCHS SkillsUSA chapter had a great time during the last three days at the 2019 SkillsUSA North Carolina State Conference and Competition. Greeley Hibbard, Cherokee Hall, and Brandon Pedraza-Ramirez all did an amazing job leading the conference on stage as state and national officers. Twenty-nine of the forty-four LCHS competitors placed high enough to be recognized on the stage and receive a medal, these accolades are listed below. The three 1st place winners will travel to Louisville, KY in June to represent North Carolina at the national level! I am also proud to announce that for the second year in a row LCHS has won two NC State Officer positions with Brian Primo and Diego Noyola-Luviano both being elected to serve. They will attend nationals as well for training as they step into their new state leadership roles. Summer Pipkin, Jairo Daiz, Mico Edralin, and Sebastian Sandi-Siles were also awarded SkillsUSA Outstanding Member Awards and Greeley Hibbard was awarded the SkillsUSA Adam J. Thompson Award for going beyond the call of duty and spreading the SkillsUSA message at the local, state, and national level. The LCHS SkillsUSA Chapter was also named a Silver Chapter of Distinction for the second year in a row! Finally, all of our attendees represented our school and district admirably and are champions in my eyes. The skills that these students showcase at these events are truly impressive and are perfect evidence of all the great things happening at LCHS.  If you see these students please take a moment to congratulate them on their success. Thanks for your support!  




    skills officers


    skills foods


    skills group




    skills steven



    LCHS senior Brandon Pedraza-Ramirez was part of an article featured in the STEM insert in today's copy of USA Today! Below is a link to the online article. His part is near the bottom in App Competition section.











    The LCHS SkillsUSA Robotics Team traveled to the NC State Fair this weekend to compete in the annual State Fair Mobile Robotics Competition hosted by the North Carolina Department of Commerce, NC Works Apprenticeship Program, NC SkillsUSA and the North Carolina State Fair. I'm proud to announce that our three teams placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd at the competition this year! All three teams are to receive a generous cash prize from the NC Works Apprenticeship Program. Please congratulate these students on their success!  


    Jairo Diaz & Christian Starr - 1st place

    Greeley Hibbard & Kamryn Bivens - 2nd place

    Zachary Loso & Mico Edralin - 3rd Place


    LCHS Skills











    A group of student leaders from the LCHS SkillsUSA chapter along with advisors Tony Martin, Jamie Henry, and myself attended the 2018 SkillsUSA State Leadership Workshop over the past three days. All of our students represented their chapter and school admirably. Greeley Hibbard, Cherokee Hall, and Brandon Ramirez did an amazing job as workshop facilitators acting in their State and National Officer roles. All of our attendees met the requirements to receive the prestigious SkillsUSA State Leadership Award and many placed highly in their individual contests as well. Roles for our five South Central Region regional officers were also determined by the state and are listed below. Please join me in congratulating these students on their achievements.

    Picture/Video Link:
    South Central Regional Officers:
    Olivia Rojas (President)
    Mico Edralin (VP)
    Brian Primo (Historian) 
    Steven McKinney (Treasurer)
    Zach Loso (Reporter)

    Steven McKinney: 1st Quiz Bowl, 1st Overall Team, 3rd Creed Audio

    Jairo Diaz: 1st Video PSA, 2nd Quiz Bowl

    Zach Loso: 4th Opening & Closing Ceremonies

    Kamryn Bivens: 1st Promotional Poster ,1st Overall Team

    Olivia Rojas: 3rd Video PSA, 4th Quiz Bowl

    Brandon Figon: 1st Creed Audio

    Sebastian Siles: 3rd Quiz Bowl, 2nd Creed Audio

    Brian Primo: 4th Video PSA

    Summer Pipkin: 3rd Poster 3rd Video PSA

    Mico Edralin: 2nd Creed audio, 3rd Quiz Bowl


     Camp Dixie 2018


    Mr. Martin, Greeley Hibbard,Cherokee Hall, Brandon Ramirez, Mr. Henry










    Lee County High School senior Brandon Ramirez spoke at the Lee County Schools Convocation. Brandon is an outstanding student with a long list of accomplishments. He has been the SkillsUSANC student president and is the current SkillsUSA national student president. He is an Academy of Engineering and Adobe Academy student that has won the Lenovo App Challenge and attained many certifications. He represents Lee County Schools well and what all educators strive for. Brandon's speech was undeniably motivational to anyone who heard it. Thanks Brandon!


    Mr. Martin, Mr. Henry, Brandon, Mr. Frye


    Brandon speaking



    We are extremely proud to announce that Lee County High School Academy of Engineering student's Brandon Ramirez, Sebastian Sandi-Siles, and Mico Edralin has been named one of the winning teams in 2018 Lenovo Scholar Network Mobile App Development Competition. In total, six winning teams were chosen and students from nearly 120 Lenovo Scholar Network academies across the nation were eligible to submit two entries for the competition. Thousands of students in Lenovo Scholar Network academies were given Lenovo laptops, tablets, or Moto phones and were tasked with designing, coding, developing, and testing a mobile app. 

    The competition originated to encourage greater interest among underserved high school students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects. The results every year are a testament to the students’ talent, innovation, and originality in applying their classroom-learning to solve a real-world issue. 


    The winning teams will present their apps to audiences at NAF Next, NAF’s annual professional development conference, in Washington DC this July. “Fan Favorite” voting also opens today and allows the students’ local communities to voice their opinions on the apps and share their top pick. This team will also receive Lenovo products.

    As part of the program, NAF, Lenovo, and MIT work together to provide technical assistance and to develop support materials for academies using MIT App Inventor. 

    Learn more about their app SpeakEZ at www.levovoscholars.com and please vote to help them win "2018 Fan Favorite"!


    Mico, Sebastian & Brandon


    State Competitions at Greensboro


    The LCHS SkillsUSA team along with their advisors Tony Martin, Anderson Frye, Jamie Henry, Chris Garner, Emmanuel Boakye, and myself traveled to Greensboro, NC for the 2018 SkillsUSA State Conference and Competition last week April 18th - 20th. It was a very successful competition for the chapter with the team bringing home many accolades. Brandon Pedraza-Ramirez did an amazing job leading the conference as the 2017-18 State President and the NC State Delegation has officially announced he is one of two candidates representing NC in a run for 2018-19 national office. I'm also very pleased to announce that for the first time LCHS has won two state officer positions for the 2018-19 school year, with Cherokee Hall and Greeley Hibbard both being elected to serve! The chapter was also one of three high schools and community colleges in the state recognized as a Silver Chapter of Distinction the second highest honor awarded to a chapter. Specific accolades are listed below. The 1st place winners, along with state officers will be traveling to Louisville, KY for National Conference in June to represent North Carolina in their areas. Please congratulate these students for their hard work and success!


    Awards List

    Skills pic1

    Skills pic2

    Skills Advisor Mr. Henry & Brandon Ramirez



    LCHS Skills Silver Chapter of Distinction Award

    First Place Chapter Display



    Regional Competitons at FTCC



    champions 2  

    Thirty-seven LCHS SkillsUSA students traveled to FTCC to compete at the SkillsUSA South Central Regional Conference. They represented LCHS admirably with most placing high enough to make the stage to receive a medal. Greeley Hibbard, Cherokee Hall, Christian Starr, Sebastian Sandi-Siles, and Kamryn Bivens did an amazing job leading the conference as 2018 regional officers. LCHS also had five new LCHS students elected as officers for the upcoming year!  Specific Accolades listed below. Please congratulate these amazing students on their achievements! Mr. Garner also successfully hosted the masonry portion of the contest here at LCHS. 
    Andy Heskett - 1st Place Automotive Service Tech.
    Kyle McCorrison - 2nd Place Automotive Service Tech.
    Wilson Childs - 4th Place Auto  Beginner
    Alex Underwood 3rd Place Auto Beginner
    Kamryn Bivens & Greeley Hibbard - 1st Place Mobile Robotics
    Zachary Loso & Jayden Covington - 2nd Place Mobile Robotics
    Jairo Diaz & Mico Edralin - 1st Place Urban Search and Rescue Robotics
    Logan Clear, Sebastian Sandi-Siles, Brian Primo, Brandon Figon, Joshua Randolph - 1st Place SkillsUSA Quiz Bowl
    Tabbitha Lee - 1st Place Culinary Arts
    Olivia Rojas - 1st Place Job Interview
    MacKenzie Hulsey - 2nd Place Medical Math
    Carlos Escobar - 5th Place Job Interview
    Brandon Ramirez - 1st Place Principals of Engineering Technology
    Summer Pipken - 1st Place Adobe Visual
    Matthew Rumbold - 2nd Place Drafting 1
    Tyler Fallin - 1st Place Extemporaneous Speaking 
    Tim Urquilla & Calvin Holmes - 1st Place Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing
    Katelyn Scheller - 1st Place Prepared Speech
    Josephine Shelton - 2nd Place Masonry 1
    Bryson Taylor - 3rd Place Masonry 1
    Christian Starr & Steven McKinney - 1st Place Place Engineering Showcase
    Cherokee Hall,Claire Quiggle, and Morgan McRae  - 1st Place Chapter Display
    Michael Mashburn - 5th Place Masonry




    On October 25th, Brandon Ramirez and Greeley Hibbard recieved the SME Rising Stars Award recognizing their achievements in Career and Technical Education.
    Peyton Holland, Brandon Ramirez, Greeley Hibbard, Jeffrey M. Krause  






     On Sunday October 22nd, three robotics teams from the LCHS SkillsUSA chapter competed in the NC Apprenticeship/SkillsUSA NC State Fair Robotics competition. All of the teams performed admirably in front of several state dignitaries and state fair attendees alike. LCHS took home the top three positions! With the team of Greeley Hibbard and Kamryn Bivens taking first place, Jairo Diaz and Zach Loso taking second, and Brian Primo and Sebastian Sandi-Siles taking third. The students also had a couple hours before the competition to showcase their designs and hopefully inspire some future robotics engineers as you can see in the photos below. As a bonus all of these students will be receiving a monetary award from the NC Department of Commerce.








    Over the past few days (9/17-19), ten LCHS SkillsUSA students along with advisers Tony Martin, Jamie Henry, and myself attended the 2017 SkillsUSA State Leadership Workshop at Camp Dixie. The students were immersed in intensive leadership experiences from the moment they stepped off the bus and they all performed admirably and grew immensely as leaders in the organization. Brandon Pedraza-Ramirez did an excellent job leading the workshop as the 2017-18 NC SkillsUSA President and is looking likely to be recommended by the NC State Director for a national office run for the upcoming year. I am also proud to announce that LCHS won 5 of 7 regional officer positions for the 2017-18 school year with Greeley Hibbard, Cherokee Hall, Kamryn Bivens, Christian Starr, and Sebastian Sandi-Siles all serving as officers for the South Central Region. Also, for first time in nine years of attending this workshop I am proud to be able to announce that every student that attended preformed well enough to be awarded the SkillsUSA State Leadership Award! The students also competed in a number of competitions with specific accolades listed below. Please congratulate these students on their success if you have a chance!

    Sebastian Sandi-Siles & Greeley Hibbard - 2nd Place Opening & Closing Ceremonies
    Cherokee Hall - 3rd Place Prepared Speech
    Zachary Loso - 4th Place Prepared Speech
    Jairo Diaz - 1st Place Recruitment Banner & 5th Place Opening & Closing Ceremonies
    Summer Pipkin 1st place Quiz Bowl
    Mico Edralin - 5th place Quiz Bowl
    Kamryn Bivens 1st Place Audio PSA
    Christian Starr 3rd Audio PSA






    Brandon Ramirez-Pedraza SkillsUSANC Student State President 2017-2018


    Brandon Ramirez is an 11th grade engineering student. He joined SkillsUSA as a freshman, and ran for state office as a sophomore. Outside of SkillsUSA Brandon is very active in the school and community; taking active roles in Leo Club, Science Olympiad and the LCHS tennis team. He also focuses on the Academy of Engineering with everything he does, earning him the Engineering Student of the Year award for his Freshman year.   

    Brandon Ramirez-Pedraza SkillsUSANC Student State President 2017-2018

    state officers
     NAF App finalists
     LCHS Skills Group
     The LCHS SkillsUSA club had a great three days last Wednesday through Friday at the 2017 NC SkillsUSA State conference/competition. All of our students represented LCHS admirably and I am very proud of all of them. Harris Lanier did an awesome job presiding over the conference as the 2017 State President. I am also very proud to announce that we have another state officer for the upcoming year with Brandon Pedraza-Ramirez being elected to serve for the 2017-2018 school year. We had nine students place high enough to make the stage and receive an award/medal with accolades listed below. Five of them placed first in a national level contest and earned a chance to represent North Carolina and compete at the SkillsUSA National Conference in Louisville, KY in June. Brandon will also attend this event and participate in a intensive leadership training in preparation for his role as an officer. Please congratulate these students on their accomplishments if you see them. The chapter also won two state level awards being recognized along side of five other chapters state wide as a Quality Chapter for the second year in a row and also for being in the top 10% state wide for membership size. These awards demonstrate the hard work and dedication of our student leaders and advisers to improve and expand our chapter into one of the best chapters in the state.
    Greeley Hibbard & Kamryn Bivens (1st Place Mobile Robotics) nationals
    Jairo Diaz & Zachary Loso (2nd Place Mobile Robotics) 
    Harris Lanier, Marissa Thomas, and Claire Quiggle (1st Place Chapter Display) nationals
    Jayden Covington (1st Place Creed)
    Edgar Gonzales (2nd Place Creed)
    awards ceremony  
    award plaque