Sharon Newby

     Sharon Newby – English 1  



    Mrs. Newby earned her Bachelor’s degree from Fayetteville State University and began her teaching career at Lee County High School in 2015. Eight years prior to coming to LCHS, she was employed as an assistant at SanLee Middle School. She teaches because she believes she can make a difference in kid’s lives and she wants to help students get to the next level beyond high school and college successfully.


    “Don’t ever let someone tell you that you can't do something.  If you have a dream, you have to protect it.  If you want something go get it.” – Chris Gardner



    1st Block – 8:30-9:40- English 1

    2nd Block – 9:50-11:00- English 1

    3rd Block - Planning

    4th Block -  1:23-3:00 


    Teacher's office hours: 11:16-1:15 and 3:00-3:45 p.m.


    Contact Info

    Phone:  919-776-7541 X 2546

    E-mail:  snewby.ls@lee.k12.nc.us

    Classroom:  Academic Wing top Floor: Room 2111