Ms. Faughnan
    Mrs. Graves
    (919) 776-7541 ext. 2607
    Academic Building, Room 1109 
    Mrs. Graves attended SUNY (State University of New York) at New Paltz, New York where she received a Bachelor's degree in History and a Master's degree in the Arts of Teaching. She was born and raised a New Yorker, but has happily relocated to the beautiful state of North Carolina to pursue a career in teaching. She began her career in 2015 at Lee County High School when she joined the Social Studies department as an American History and Civics and Economics teacher.
    Schedule Fall 2020
    1st Block - American History 2
    2nd Block - Planning
    3rd Block - American History 1
    4th Block - American History 2 
    Schedule Spring 2021 
    1st Block - American History 2
    2nd Block - Planning
    3rd Block - American History 2 Honors
    4th Block - American History 2