• The Lee County Board of Education organizes standing committees for the purpose of conducting thorough deliberations and investigations of issues and informing and recommending action to the board as appropriate.

    Standing committees of the board are the Policy CommitteeFinance CommitteeCurriculum and Instruction Elementary, Middle and High School Committees; and Facilities and Technology Committee. Each committee is comprised of members of the Lee County Board of Education.

    2019-2020 Board Committees
    POLICY COMMITTEE - Meetings will be held at the Heins Education Building at 5 p.m.
    Sherry Womack, Chairman
    Pat McCracken
    Agenda Minutes
    August 22 - Cancelled N/A N/A
    September 19 - Cancelled N/A N/A
    October 22    
    November 19    
    December 17    
    January 21    
    February 18    
    March 31    
    April 21    
    May 19    
    June 16     

    FINANCE COMMITTEE Meetings will be held at the Heins Education Building at 5 p.m.
    Dr. Lynn Smith, Chairman
    Pat McCracken
    Agenda Minutes
    August 27 Agenda Minutes
    September 24 - Cancelled N/A N/A
    October 29    
    January 22    
    February 27    
    March 26    
    April 30    
    May 21    
    June 25    


    CURRICULUM AND INSTRUCTION COMMITTEE - Meetings will begin at 3:30 p.m.; locations are listed below.
    Dr. Stephen Coble, Chairman
    Pam Sutton
    Meeting Place Agenda Minutes
    September 25 - High School Committee Southern Lee High School Agenda  
    October 9 - Middle School Committee  East Lee Middle School    
    October 23 - Elementary School Committee Greenwood Elementary School    
    November 13 - High School Committee  Lee County High School    
    December 4 - Middle School Committee SanLee Middle School    
    January 15 - Elementary School Committee Tramway Elementary School    
    January 29 - High School Committee Lee Early College    
    February 5 - Middle School Committee Bragg Street Academy    
    March 18 - Elementary School Committee JR Ingram, Jr. Elementary School    
    April 1 - High School Committee Southern Lee High School    
    April 22 - Middle School Committee West Lee Middle School    
    May 13 - Elementary School Committee BT Bullock Elementary School    


    FACILITIES AND TECHNOLOGY COMMITTEE All meetings will be held at the Heins Education Building at 4 p.m.

    Dr. Lynn Smith, Chairman
    Christine Hilliard
    Agenda Minutes
    August 27      Agenda  
    September 24 Agenda  
    October 29    
    November 21    
    January 28    
    February 25    
    April 28    
    May 26    
    June 23