Public Information Office
    Sharon Spence, Public Information Officer
    Sharon S. Spence
    Public Information Officer
    919-774-6226, ext. 7219
    Hailey Hall
    Hailey A. Hall
    Communications Coordinator
    919-774-6226, ext. 7232

    The goal of the Public Information Office is to create an atmosphere for honest, open, two-way internal and external communication between the school district and the community.
    The Public Information Office serves students, parents, teachers, other members of the community, and the media by providing clear, timely and accurate information.

    The Public Information Office is responsible for keeping the community informed and involved in our schools. As a result, the Public Information Officer:

    • Serves as a point of contact for parents and the community when they are seeking information or wanting to share a suggestion or concern.
    • Works with schools to promote the positive accomplishments of students and teachers.
    • Maintains the district website.
    • Produces publications and marketing materials.
    • Serves as the media’s liaison to the district.
    • Coordinates media releases for local newspapers/TV/radio.
    • Builds business and community support for Lee County Schools.

    Public Records Requests

    The Public Information Officer serves as the Lee County Schools Records Officer, as designated by the Superintendent.

    Public records requests may be made by emailing sspence@lee.k12.nc.us or by calling 919-774-6226, extension 7219.
    A copy of the Lee County Board of Education Policy 5070/7350 Public Records - Retention, Release and Disposition can be found here.
    Educator Passport Program
    The Educator Passport program is a partnership between Lee County Schools and Lee County businesses and merchants. Participating businesses have the opportunity to reach more than 1,200 customers by offering special discounts or benefits to LCS employees. To qualify for the discount, employees are required to present their LCS ID badge to participating businesses. 

    We welcome businesses to become a part of this program at any time during the year. Just complete an Educator Passport Participant Form to join in this free opportunity.
    Distribution of Non-School Materials
    As part of Lee County Schools' commitment to community involvement, we permit the distribution of information about education related, non-profit programs and events to students. Organizations wishing to distribute material must obtain permission from the Public Information Officer at least 5 school days in advance of distribution. A Request Form is available in Word format or Adobe pdf format.