•                                                                                           WELCOME TO MY WEBPAGE !!!!
    Hello!! Thank you for visiting my page. I am extremely excited about the 2023-2024 school year!!! It is my pleasure to be teaching your child!! 
    To give you a little bit of a background about myself, I am originally from New Jersey. I have taught elementary school for the past 15 years in different capacities from a substitute teacher, tutor, to a full time classroom teacher. I was a third and fourth grade classroom teacher for eight years. This is my ninth year at J. Glenn Edwards. This will be my sixth year teaching 1st grade. I received my master's degree from Capella University as a reading specialist.
    Some of my hobbies are hiking, traveling, reading and learning new things everyday. There will most likely be updates so please stay tuned!!
    Contact Information: email address: mpaventa.edwards@lee.k12.nc.us  Phone number: 973-563-4700.  School Phone number: 919-774-3733 ex. 3507. I will reply to your messages/voicemail within 24 hours.
    Class Dojo: Please download the Class Dojo app for free on your phone. All that is required is your phone number. I will be able to send an invite for you to join. This app will allow you to converse with me via text messaging. I will also be able to send out important information via this app. 
    Reading for Pleasure: I highly encourage that your child reads each night or you read to them. An older sibling, aunt, uncle or cousin can also read to them if it is difficult to fit it in your schedule. This will dramatically increase their comprehension, fluency, vocabulary skills. Your child will also receive an appreciation for literature. 
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