PTSO Information

  • PTSO Information


    The East Lee Middle School PTSO works as a partnership with our school. As a PTSO, we coordinate fundraising throughout the year and volunteer with school activities. Funds raised go directly to the school to enhance your child's education. Whether you participate as a volunteer or a supporter of our fundraisers, you are making a difference. Join us today and attend upcoming PTSO Meetings to support our school.

    The mission of the East Lee PTSO is simple: To enhance the educational and extracurricular experiences for all children at East Lee Middle School. One way in which we do this is through advocacy. The PTSO provides a collaborative “voice” for parents, teachers, and students of our district to ensure quality school experiences in the face of tightening school budgets.

    In addition to advocacy, the PTSO’s mission involves raising money to support well-balanced educational experiences. Through productive fundraising, we have been able to provide a number of opportunities that would otherwise NOT exist in our district.  We ask that as a parent or guardian of a child at East Lee Middle School, you become involved to ensure the continued success of the PTSO in our school.