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  • FYI: ACT Registration Deadline

    Sept 22 Deadline

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  • LEC Makes an A (AGAIN)


    Cue the festive music and dancing because LEC earned the only A for Lee County Schools for the second year in a row! This proves as a scientific fact that LEC is the place to be, because our students, parents, teachers, and staff have worked hard. 

    While the LEC staff celebrated with cake and sparkling juice on Thursday of last week, they want the students of LEC to know they can expect a celebration of their own very soon!

    Click here to view Lee County Schools's statement about the NC School Report Cards.

    cake yay


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  • Sign Up for CCCC Alerts

    If you have not done so, you are STRONGLY encouraged to sign up to receive notifications from the College’s CougarAlert notification system.  The College uses this system to inform you of a potential or actual campus emergency, weather issues, and class cancellations or delays in opening the College.  It’s the fastest, most convenient way to know the College’s status in any situation.  Please visit the CougarAlert website at http://www.cccc.edu/cougaralerts/ to sign up.  A video link is available to assist you with the enrollment process.

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  • LEC Students of the Month


    August - Responsibility


    Please congratulate the following students for exemplifying the value of responsibility! Teachers voted for students, and the results were announced last week. Each student recieved a confetti-filled balloon and a sack of 100 Grand (the candy, not the cash).

    Freshman: Shishir Desai

    Sophomore: Mikayla Comer

    Junior: Aliseo Morales

    Senior: Elizabeth Vanegas


    Students still have a chance to be student of the month! Here are the rest of the values the teachers will be looking for in their students:

    September - Integrity
    Having integrity means to be honest, sincere, and to conduct oneself according to what is right and what is wrong. When students can recognize integrity in themselves and others, they are able to develop a feeling of security and self-assurance. Students exhibit excellent character traits such as kindness, honesty, loyalty, safety, respect, and responsibility.

    October - Initiative
    Initiative is a life skill that separates successful people from those who do not meet their goals. These students get involved, to do the right thing, and to enjoy the intrinsic rewards of a job well done! By developing initiative, we can make process towards this important goal. 

    November - Perseverance
    Perseverance is a skill you will need throughout your life! Never give up, work hard and make it happen! Students who receive this award should be over-comers and rise above unfavorable circumstances.

    December - Comradery
    Comradery is the spirit of friendship and community in a group. This would be given to a student who keeps others upbeat despite the difficulty of their circumstances. In other words, someone who comes to mind when you say, "We're in this together."

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  • CCCC Grade Alerts in AVISO

    Students in CCCC courses (and their parents):

    CCCC will release grade alerts for students who have a 75% or below in their college courses. These alerts will be published on the students' AVISO pages on the following dates for the Fall semester:

    September 18

    October 23

    November 27

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  • LEC Seniors at


    National Leadership Conference

    The following LEC Seniors are in the Phi Theta Lambda Leadership Honor Society and travelled to California to compete and represent LEC and CCCC with their leadership, intelligence, and diligence. We are so proud of you!

    Jaylin Ortiz Acevedo

    Josseline Ocampo

    Barbara Rodriguez

    Click here to view their story.

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  • Congrats to Our CCCC Achievers!


    Please join us in congratulating these students for a job well done in their CCCC classes last year!

    President's List

    Garrett Bordelon
    Hannah Fiore
    Alexis Hunter
    Deanne Michael
    Joseph Repper
    Barbara Rodriguez
    Jane Sutton
    Elizabeth Vanegas
    Dean's List
    Ta'Liyah Blue
    Daniel Candelario
    Molly Crilly
    Samuel Cruz Hernandez
    Jamie Guillergan
    Michael Headen
    Jonathan Lopez
    Marshall Reid
    Rebecca Rios
    Jordan Schwab
    Rebekah Sutton
    Keyona Thomas
    Addison Woody
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  • Teacher Feature: Mr. Stern

    the cool cat

    When Mr. Stern teaches government regulation in his Honors Civics classes he uses Marvel comics to get students excited while educating them about how our government works.

    He was recently a guest on The Cool Cat Teacher Blog (it's true, Mr. Stern is a cool cat) podcast hosted by Vicki Davis.

    Check out the podcast by clicking here.

    And be sure to follow Mr. Stern on Twitter: @stern_history

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  • What is Advisory, you ask?

    Advisory is not just a regular homeroom, though Advisers do help students with their LEC and CCCC needs. We meet every day for 30 minutes, so we have plenty of time for traditional homeroom functions and much more!

    us in Advisory

    Here's a glimpse of what we do each day of the week:

    Morality Mondays: Students learn the skills they need to be successful students, workers, citizens, and humans.

    Transformation Tuesdays: Students are creating ideas for how to transform LEC and/or the Sanford and Lee County communities.

    Word Up Wednesdays: Students read a book of their choice!

    Thirsty for Knowledge Thursdays: Students get tutoring, have time to complete work, and learn study and test taking skills.

    Family Fridays: Students participate in clubs and activities that bring us together as an LEC family.

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    IMPORTANT: After School Pick Up 

    There are 2 important changes to know about after school pick up for clubs and tutoring:

    1. The clubs and tutoring pick up location is LEC's Cobra Hall. If you are at school past 3:15 STAY AT LEC. Do not go to the regular car drop off/pick up spot. This is for the saftey of students.
    2. All students must be off campus by 3:30 every Friday. Monday-Thursday students must be off campus by 4:00.
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