• self               Success = Plan, Do, Check, Adjust - repeat!

    Every year our goal is to partner with parents, care-givers, and the community to influence academic and social development of our students. There are very tried and true, dependably effective best practices which serve us well at Broadway Elementary School. High quality teachers, passion for students, innovative instructional practices and technology are at the heart of our approach. Our commitment is a constant cycle of evaluating what we do and willingness to adjust if we see compelling data which suggests variation of our original plan could improve student outcomes. By this standard we ask a lot of ourselves and in turn do the same of students and you. We are all stakeholders in the outcome and I am excited to start the journey again this year! Every employee at Broadway Elementary, regardless of role, is accountable toward our shared goals for student success.

    The above formula will also work for you! Thanks in advance for continuing to support, nurture, and encourage your student to be the best they can be.


    Angela Pope
    Assistant Principal, Broadway Elementary School