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    April 26 - May 21





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    14.5 on or before April 26, 2021



    There is a new disclaimer in the registration form regarding new video content that may be graphic for some students regarding driving accidents that may result in injury or fatality.  If you do not agree to allow your student to view the content, please contact Charles Fulghum before registering.
    Please bring paper and pencil to class daily.  Students who miss more than 2 days of class will automatically be dropped from the class and have to repeat the course. 
    Must be 15 years old on or before May 1, 2021 for the September class. Dates and times are subject to change per need and instructor discretion. Failure to sign up at the correct school site will result in a loss of seat in the session. Students must attend all scheduled dates to earn enough hours to be eligible to pass the class.  


    Students who complete registration forms and turn them in are considered REGISTERED.  They WILL NOT receive another notification of status unless there is a reason we cannot admit.  Reasons for non-admittance MAY include living out of attendance zone, current disciplinary suspension, not meeting age requirement, or class seat limitations. Students are provided many opportunities through our campus announcement system of relevant information.  Area middle and private schools, as well as Lee Early College and Bragg Street Academy, are provided notifications of upcoming classes.


    The Graduated Licensing Law has been modified as of January 1, 2012.  The link for this new legislation is below.  The major provisions include a mandatory driving log showing 60 hours of driving time beyond the time on the road during class.