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    Sabrina Baldwin-FCS (Family and Consumer Sciences)

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    I, Mrs. Sabrina Chalmers Baldwin earned my Bachelor's degree from Ashford University in Clinton, Iowa.  I've been with the Lee County School system for 32 plus years.  I am beginning my 8th teaching career at Lee County High School, and will be teaching Early Childhood and Child Development. Also, I am an FCCLA Adviser.  I encourage all students to join us.  This is our Career Technical Education Organization. (CTSO)  I enjoy working with high school students and hope to inspire them to explore life's options and learn what it means to be a responsible citizen, parent and an effective childcare worker or provider.  Hopefully, this year each student will receive their certificate as a babysitter.


    2023-24 School Year-Schedule-Monday - Friday (Face-to-Face)

     Fall Semester.

    1st and 2nd Block - Early Childhood I (Internship is included) - 8:00 - 11:16 am

    3rd Block is a split class with Lunch - Child Development - 11:16 am - 1:23 pm

    4th Block - Planning -You may schedule a contact/conference during this time. 1:29-3pm


    Spring Semester

    1st Block -  Child Development - 8:00 - 9:35 am- 

    2nd Block- Child Development - 9:41 - 11:16 am -

    3rd Block - Child Development -11:16 am - 1:23 pm      

    Lunch for 3rd Block Class & Teachers - 12:02 pm - 12:32 pm

    4th Block - Planning - 1:29 - 3:00 pm - You may schedule a conference or contact me during this time.   


    Contact Information

    E-mail:  sbaldwin.ls@lee.k12.nc.us

    Phone:  919-776-7541 ext. 2512; 919-478-4606 (cell)

    Classroom:  Career Counseling Building-2nd Floor,  Room #2305

    Tutorial Days and Time - Open availability as long as the student schedules with the teacher 1 day prior to the tutorial session needed.

    Log into Canvas daily for announcements, instructions and assignments. 
    Log into Canvas using your school's ID number as user name and canvas2016 as the password.
    Parents may obtain a Parent Portal to monitor their child's classes and work. Please contact the front office for assistance with going to LCHS webpage.