The Lee Early College Student Services Department seeks to provide a continuum of support services that positively impact the personal, academic, and career development of the students within the school and community.


    Ms. Jackson provides individual/group counseling and crisis intervention services to students as well as referrals to community agencies if necessary. She provides support to parents regarding ways to better understand their child's developmental and academic needs and techniques to assist their child's educational progress.  She works closely with teachers in consulting on students' behavioral and personal adjustment needs. In addition, the student services department also works on student records issues, college and high school class scheduling, and 4-year university application information. For more information about what counselors do and the profession of school counseling, visit the American School Counseling Association website.

    Mr. Testa, the college liaison, can assist students with college scheduling and applying to colleges, as well as any other college needs that students may have. His role is to be sure that our LEC students are on track to graduate with their Associate’s degree. Please contact him regarding any college scheduling or associate degree concerns.


    To schedule an appointment with Ms. Jackson, a student should:
    1. Stop by Ms. Jackson's office before school, during lunch, or after school to set up an appointment with her. Depending on the counselor’s schedule, she will do her best to see the student as soon as possible.
    2. If there is an emergency situation, a teacher can refer a student to the student services office at any time and they will be assisted. 



    To download an Associate in Arts track sheet, click here.

    To download an Associate in Science track sheet, click here.

    Seniors needing an Application for Graduation, click here.





    This test should be taken at the end of your 3rd year or beginning of your 4th year.  ACT test dates as well as registration deadlines can be found here.


    Students who are interested in transferring to a 4-year university are strongly encouraged to take the SAT. If you are on track to graduate from Lee Early College in four years, it is recommended that you sit for the exam either in the spring of your 3rd (junior) year or in the fall of your 4th (senior) year. If you intend to graduate in 5 years, it is recommended that you sit for the exam in the spring of your 4th year or in the fall of your 5th year.

    SAT test dates as well as registration deadlines can be found here.

    Test preparation and study materials can be accessed online FOR FREE through:




    Lee Early College will again be offering students interested in attending a 4-year university after graduating the opportunity to take the PSATs. Juniors who take the test will automatically be entered into the National Merit Scholarship competition. In addition to this automatic opportunity for $$ for a 4-year university, taking the PSATs offers the following benefits:

    ·         Taking the PSAT is excellent practice for the SAT. By taking the PSAT, you will become familiar with the type of questions and exact instructions you will see on the SAT.

    ·         You will receive information about your strengths and weaknesses with regard to skills necessary for success in college. This information can guide you in focusing on those areas that need additional study and practice. 

    ·         You will automatically receive valuable information from colleges, but only if you check "yes" to the Student Search Service.


    ·         Helps you begin college and career planning.


    Check out PSAT for more info.




    • What is the FAFSA? Free Application for Federal Student Aid
    • Why would I fill out the FAFSA? TO GET MONEY FOR COLLEGE! If you are planning on attending a 2 year or 4 year college, be sure to fill it out! This is how you can receive federal money for college consisting of school loans and/or grants.
    • When should I fill out the FAFSA?  During your final year from January–March.
    • Who should fill out the FAFSA? Any student planning on going to a 2 year or 4 year college.
    • When is FAFSA night? An early December date is the target.  This will be finalized soon!
    • For more information, please check out the FAFSA website.